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Likestore pitch deck

Alexander Beletsky

April 14, 2014

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  1. What is the problem? We are surrounded by social networks

    - twitter, github, facebook, stackoverflow, etc. They provide a constant flow of all kinds of information and we often “Like” material that is of particular interest to us. But typically what happens is that it’s too difficult to recall the location of a certain article, video, or other interesting piece of info you have liked and to find the exact link to it. Conclusion We stumbled across the problem of lost information ourselves and after initial analysis, we found we are not alone here. People want to be able to easily access information they like.
  2. The product We’ve build likeastore.com to solve that problem: the

    “google of your interests” solution. User signs up to our service with either an existing social account or email. Social network by itself, allowing to follow other users and discover new information from likes. We collect the data through open APIs, store and index it, and provide a beautiful interface to access and search.
  3. Market opportunity The Market Our market is intersection of huge

    social networks users who are interested in personal information organisation, seeking for relevant information etc. 22 millions Vimeo user 645 millions Twitter users 3 Million GitHub users
  4. We are up and running! What we have today Joined

    EastLabs at January 2014 ! For today we have: ! ~7K signups ~3M likes collected ! ! People contact us with request to support new networks. ! Check out https://likeastore.com now!
  5. Likeastore for Bussiness ! Sharing the best content Social Channels

    Analytics Content Marketing ! #SocialMediaMarketing, #ProBloggers
  6. Investing for 2014 R & D 40% Operations 5% 25%

    Marketing 10% Reserve $ 200 000
  7. + 38 096 241 7992 alexander.beletsky Contact Alexander Beletsky |

    CEO [email protected] twitter.com/alexbeletsky facebook.com/alexanderbeletsky