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Getting Started with AWS Lambda (coding session)

Getting Started with AWS Lambda (coding session)

Let's go through a few real examples of how you can start using AWS Lambda with a senior member of the Cloud Academy engineering team, Alex Casalboni.


Alex Casalboni

July 14, 2016


  1. Ge#ng  Started  with   AWS  Lambda 7/14/2016

    (Coding  Session)  
  2. About  Me @alex_casalboni Bachelor  in  Computer  Science Master  in

     Sound  &  Music  Engineering 6+  years  of  Web  Development 3+  years  of  Python
  3. What  does  Serverless  mean? Zero-­‐administraJon Pay-­‐per-­‐execuJon Event-­‐driven Microservice  oriented FuncJon

     as  the  unit  of  scale
  4. AWS  Lambda Transparent  scalability  and  availability Developer-­‐friendly  operaJons AWS  

    Lambda NaJve  integraJons  with  “everything”  in  AWS Never  pay  for  idle RESTful  interface  (almost)  for  free
  5. AWS  Lambda  Coding  PaFerns Nanoservices Microservices New  Monolithic 1  funcHon

     =  1  job 1  funcHon  =  N  related  jobs only  1  funcHon  +  GraphQL
  6. Demo  Time! 1.  AWS  Lambda  +  API  Gateway RESTful

     interface Mapping  templates Stages,  aliases  &  versions
  7. Demo  Time! 2.  AWS  Lambda  +  S3  Events S3

     as  Lambda  trigger Custom  IAM  role Compressed  S3  Objects
  8. Demo  Time! 3.  AWS  Lambda  +  SNS SNS  as

     Lambda  trigger Custom  IAM  role DDB  as  data  backend
  9. Demo  Time! 4.  AWS  Lambda  +  CloudWatch Scheduled  Events

    Custom  IAM  role DDB  as  data  backend
  10. Demo  Time! 5.  AWS  Lambda  +  DynamoDB DDB  as

     Lambda  trigger Custom  IAM  role Augment  records  with  new  fields
  11. Thank  you  for  aFending  :) Q  &  A 7/14/2016