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Guzzle PHP Framework

October 11, 2012

Guzzle PHP Framework

Guzzle PHP Framework Presentation by Arturo Contreras


October 11, 2012

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  1. What is Guzzle? - PHP HTTP client framework that allows

    developer to consume restful services and build applications that will utilize those web services. - Created by Michael Dowling, employed at AWS web services
  2. Why the need for guzzle? - Maintainable client. https://github. com/guzzle/guzzle

    - Relatively lightweight. - Extensibility with Symfony2 event-based plugin system. - Not only http client but service client. - Send requests in parallel. - Persistent connections. - Awesomeness.
  3. How to Start - Go to guzzlephp.org - Include .phar

    file or use composer to load guzzle. - Start up a new http client $client = new Client('your url'); - Start consuming your web services.
  4. Plugins - Implements Symfony Event Subscriber Interface. - A bunch

    are included: oauth, basic auth, cookies, logging, hash validation. - Easy to build.
  5. Listening to Events - Easy to latch on to requests

    - Listen for certain response codes - Act on those triggers and retry request - One example, CAPTCHA solving
  6. Validator - Symfony 2 Validator - A number of default

    types are included. - Easily extendable.