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B47067669f78a7a0eb4fbf1ca3f7276c?s=47 Alycia White
March 15, 2020


The Home Storyboard 2020 by Alycia White


Alycia White

March 15, 2020


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  16. Dad: “Al….”

  17. Dad: “Al….”

  18. Dad: “Al.. please”

  19. Dad: *sigh*

  20. Dad: “Alexandra…”

  21. Dad: “Alexandra…”

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  23. None
  24. None
  25. None
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  28. Deliha: “HELLO!!!!” Al: *gasp*

  29. Al: “What the hell Deliha!”

  30. Al: “Give them back!”

  31. Deliha: “No!”

  32. Deliha: “Why don’t you stop brooding already? Dad has been

    trying to get your attention!”
  33. Al: “Why don’t YOU mind your own business you little-”

  34. Dad: “ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU!”

  35. Dad: *pain filled gasp*

  36. Deliha: *humph*

  37. None
  38. None
  39. None
  40. Deliha: “Dad!!!”

  41. None
  42. Deliha: “Maybe you should go lay down?”

  43. Dad: *pain filled gasp*

  44. Deliha: “It’s alright dad. I can make sure everyone is

    packed while you rest…”
  45. Dad: “No… I am alright… Go get ready to leave.”

  46. Deliha: “But Dad-” Dad: * laboured breathing* “NOW Deliha!”

  47. None
  48. None
  49. None
  50. Dad: “Al.. this is really important.”

  51. None
  52. Deliha: *sigh*

  53. None
  54. None
  55. None
  56. None
  57. *Video game audio*

  58. Daron: “Haha Score!!!!!!” *Video game audio*

  59. *Video game audio*

  60. Deliha: “Are you serious Daron?”

  61. None
  62. *Video game YOU LOSE audio* Deliha: “What are you doing?”

  63. Daron: “Hey! I was just about to defeat the Troll

    of Treanka!”
  64. Deliha: “You should be packing!!” Daron: “I Did! Or at

    least I started..”
  65. None
  66. None
  67. Deliha: “Right… They must have changed the definition of packing

    in the last five mintues then.”
  68. None
  69. None
  70. None
  71. Deliha: “You Know Dad said to hurry right?”

  72. None
  73. None
  74. Deliha: “Mom said that we are gonna miss the bus

    if we aren’t ready soon.”
  75. Deliha: “It wouldn’t kill you to actually do what you’re

    told for once! Something is happening…”
  76. Deliha: “People are going crazy out there…. Mom and Dad

    were attacked -”
  77. Daron: “Mom and Dad don’t ever tell us anything!”

  78. Daron: “Why should we hurry if they aren’t even gonna

    tell us why?”
  79. Daron: “I bet they didn’t even tell you what’s going

  80. Deliha: “It doesn’t matter if they tell us or not

  81. Deliha: “We should always listen to what they say.”

  82. *Video game audio*

  83. *Video game audio* Deliha:*ugh*

  84. *Video game audio*

  85. *Video game audio*

  86. *Video game audio*

  87. *Video game audio*

  88. *Video game audio*

  89. *Video game audio*

  90. Deliha: “Hey Daron...Where is Lena?”

  91. Daron: “I don’t know... I think she went to find

    Mom or something..”
  92. None
  93. None
  94. None
  95. None
  96. Deliha: “Lena?”

  97. Deliha: “You in here?”

  98. None
  99. Dad: “Al you are the oldest!”

  100. Dad: “I need you on my side right now....”

  101. Dad: “I get you’re mad ....”

  102. Deliha: “Lena” *Video game audio*

  103. Deliha: “Lena?” *Video game audio*

  104. Deliha: “Mom? Is Lena in there?” *Video game audio*

  105. *Video game audio*

  106. Deliha: “Mom isn’t in her room…” *Video game audio*

  107. Deliha: “Lena?” *Video game audio*

  108. *Video game audio*

  109. None
  110. None
  111. None
  112. Deliha: “Lena!”

  113. Deliha: “You should be packing your things…”

  114. *Video game audio*

  115. Deliha: “What are you doing in here anyway?”

  116. Deliha: “Where is Mom?”

  117. Lena: “Mommy fell down, now she’s sleeping.”

  118. *Video game audio*

  119. Dad: “You are mad about leaving your friends and everything

    you know…”
  120. Dad: “… Believe me I get it.”

  121. Al: “No you Don’t! I mean you and Mom almost

    got mugged by some dude in the parking garage! He bit you! Like who even does that?”
  122. Al: “And NOW you’re telling us to pack everything and

    just go! Are you serious? You won’t even tell us why!”
  123. Dad: *pain filled groan*

  124. None
  125. Dad: *pain filled groan*

  126. Dad: “I understand you’re scared, but you have to be

    strong for your Mom, sisters, and brother, Okay?”
  127. Dad: “Mom and I are not 100% right now and

    we need you to step up a little bit..”
  128. Al: “Jesus Dad, you and Mom aren’t dying or anything….”

  129. None
  130. *Terrified Screaming off camera*

  131. Dad: “GUYS!”

  132. None
  133. None
  134. Dad: “DELIHA, DARON, LENA!?”

  135. None

  137. None
  138. None
  139. None
  140. Dad: “DELIHA, DARON, LENA!!”

  141. Dad: “WHAT’S WRONG? ”

  142. Dad: “WHAT HAPPENED-”

  143. None
  144. None
  145. Dad *choked sob* “No… no..no...”

  146. Dad *choked sobs* “...Baby?”

  147. *Silence* Dad off camera: “Al...Al...

  148. *Silence* Dad off camera: “Al...Al...

  149. Dad: “Al…..ALEXANDRA!!! *sobbing* Take everyone into the other room now!”

  150. Al: *sobbing*

  151. Al: “Come on…... guys now…… let’s go…”

  152. Deliha: *sniffling*

  153. None
  154. None
  155. Deliha: “Lena..? Lena..?”

  156. Deliha: “Le… We have to go okay?.... ”

  157. Deliha: “Lena, can you hear me?”

  158. Al: “I said NOW guys”

  159. Deliha: “She’s only 3! She doesn’t know what’s going on!

  160. Deliha: “Lena..? Lena..?”

  161. Deliha: “Lena..? We have to go okay?....”

  162. Deliha: “ We have to go okay?....” Al: “ARGH!”

  163. Al: “JUST PICK HER UP! ”


  165. None
  166. Deliha: “But Ally…”

  167. Al: “Dad said NOW!” Deliha:”She doesn’t like being told what

    to do….”
  168. None
  169. *Toddler tantrum*

  170. *Toddler tantrum*

  171. *Toddler tantrum* Deliha: “SEE!!!!! I TOLD YOU!!! NO ONE IN


  173. *Toddler tantrum* *Deilha and Al continue yelling at each other*

  174. *Toddler tantrum* *Deilha and Al continue yelling at each other*

  175. Dad:*choked sobs* “enough…. Enough guys… please...”

  176. *Bone Contorting *

  177. *Bone Contorting *

  178. *Bone Contorting *

  179. *Bone Contorting *

  180. *Bone Contorting *

  181. *Bone Contorting *

  182. *Bone Contorting *

  183. None
  184. Dad: “ENOUGH! Both of you!”

  185. Dad: “ENOUGH! Are you really doing this now? Stop!”

  186. Deliha: “I can’t believe you! The only thing you care

    about is yourself! I wish we weren’t related!”
  187. Al: “I can’t BELIEVE that you think you are better

    than everyone in this family!”
  188. Al: “News flash! You suck all the life out of

    this family and everything we do!”
  189. Deliha: “At least I CARE about what happens to everyone

    in this family! It never stops amazing me just how irresponsible everyone in this damn house is!”
  190. Al: “No one, especially you, care about me anyway! You

    are always ruining my life!”
  191. Deliha: “Well, maybe you should run away cause it sure

    as hell would solve all our problems!”
  192. Lena: “MOMMY, YOU’RE OKAY!”

  193. None
  194. *Terrified Gasp*

  195. None
  196. None
  197. None
  198. Deliha:*muffled shriek*

  199. None
  200. Lena: “MOMMY!”

  201. None
  202. None
  203. Lena: “What? Mommy is okay.”

  204. None
  205. Dad: “Nikki…?”

  206. None
  207. *Bone Contorting *

  208. None
  209. None
  210. None
  211. None
  212. None
  213. None
  214. None
  215. None
  216. *Bone Contorting *

  217. None
  218. None
  219. Dad: “go…….”

  220. None
  221. None
  222. None
  223. Deliha:*shaky voice* “but dad…..”

  224. None
  225. Dad: “I said......” *Bone Contorting* *zombie snarling*

  226. Dad: “NOW!!!!!!” *zombie snarling*

  227. *zombie snarling*

  228. *zombie snarling*

  229. *zombie snarling* Dad: “AHH!!”

  230. *Deliha, Lena, and Daron Scream* *zombie snarling* Dad: *pain filled

  231. *Deliha, Lena, and Daron Scream* *zombie snarling* Dad: *pain filled

  232. *zombie snarling* Dad: *pain filled groan*

  233. *zombie snarling* Dad: *pain filled groan*

  234. *zombie snarling* Dad: *groans*

  235. *zombie snarling* Dad: *pain filled groan*

  236. *zombie snarling*

  237. *zombie snarling* Dad: *pain filled groan*

  238. *zombie snarling* Dad: *pain filled groan*

  239. Dad: “AL… GO!!!.... NOW…” *zombie snarling*

  240. Al: “But Dad....” Dad: “AL GO!!!”

  241. Al: *sobbing*

  242. Al: *sobbing*

  243. Al: *sobbing*

  244. *zombie snarling*

  245. *zombie snarling*

  246. *zombie snarling*

  247. Al:*sobbing*

  248. Al:*sobbing*

  249. None
  250. None
  251. None
  252. Al:*sobbing*

  253. Al:*sobbing*

  254. Al:*sobbing*

  255. Al:*sobbing*

  256. Al:*sobbing*

  257. Al:*sobbing*

  258. Al:*sobbing*

  259. Al:*sobbing* Deliha: “Ally……..”

  260. None
  261. None
  262. Al: *sniffling*

  263. Al: “ We are leaving….”

  264. Deliha: “What about Dad?”

  265. None
  266. Deliha: “Ally…. We have nothing with us……Where-”

  267. Al: “We are going to the bus station.”

  268. None
  269. Deliha: “Ally…. How will we get there? It’s on the

    other side town?”
  270. Deliha: “Maybe Dad is okay? What if he’s hurt and

  271. Al: “Dad….*shaky sigh* Dad... will catch up……..We will walk there.”

  272. None
  273. Al: “Everything will be okay.”

  274. Al: “Daron, Lena, I need you to put on your

    shoes and coats okay… it’s really cold outside.” Deliha: “But what about Dad, Ally?”
  275. Al: “We are gonna move fast, we can rest on

    the bus okay?”
  276. None
  277. None
  278. None
  279. None
  280. None
  281. None
  282. None
  283. None
  284. None
  285. Al: “DELIHA! Let’s go!”

  286. Deliha: “What about Dad? We can’t leave without at least

  287. Al: “Listen to me…..Daron and Lena are all that matter

    now, GOT IT? We have to get them on that bus, okay? ”
  288. Al: “NOW. LETS. GO.”

  289. None
  290. None
  291. Deliha: *sniffling*

  292. Deliha: *sniffling*

  293. Deliha: *sobs/sniffling*

  294. Al: “Make sure your laces are tight and your coat

    is buttoned, okay? ”
  295. None
  296. Al: “We will be there before you know it.”

  297. Al: “Now listen to me very carefully….We have to stay

    together, got it? No matter what, okay…?” Daron: “Okay……”
  298. Al: “Everything will be okay…. ”

  299. Al: “We just have to get the bus….”

  300. Al: “Lena hold on tight, okay? DON’T let go no

    matter what.”
  301. None
  302. Al: “Daron, DON’T you dare let go of Deliha’s hand,

    okay? Stay close guys.”
  303. None
  304. None
  305. None
  306. None
  307. Al: *deep breath*

  308. Al: “Stay together…”

  309. Al: “no matter what…..”

  310. None
  311. None
  312. None
  313. None
  314. Deliha: *sobbing*

  315. Deliha: *sobbing*

  316. None
  317. None
  318. None