Take Advantage of Free Tools to Automate Your End-to-End Release Pipelines

Take Advantage of Free Tools to Automate Your End-to-End Release Pipelines

//This workshop and demo talk was delivered as part of StackWorld 2016 conference in San Francisco. Watch the video recording on http://electric-cloud.com/blog/2016/07/take-advantage-free-tools-automate-end-end-release-pipelines/

A myriad of point-tools, frameworks and infrastructures are involved in your software delivery process – from development, through build, testing, deployment, all the way to a Production Release.

While many of these tools are free/open source, the operational and technology overhead of orchestrating the hand-offs from one tool to the next in the process – are not without cost.

To improve developer productivity and resource utilization – and to enable enterprise-scale, cross-project visibility and shorter time to market – organizations are working to automate and orchestrate the entire tool chain across the end-to-end delivery pipeline.
“Automate All the Things” is a key tenant to any DevOps or Continuous Delivery initiative.

This workshop will use a real case study and a live demo to show how you can use a free DevOps Release Automation tool – ElectricFlow – to orchestrate your entire software delivery pipeline. In this demo, we will create a fully-automated release pipeline deploying a Cloud Java application, tying-in common tools that you likely use in your process from CI build to Release: including Git, Jenkins, Selenium, Chef, Docker, and more.

Learn how to:
- Seamlessly orchestrate third-party tools to automate your entire process- from start to finish
- Get visibility into your end-to-end application release pipeline
- Deploy any application to any environment using any tool-set – for free.


Avantika (Avan) Mathur

June 27, 2016