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The Power of a Modern Database: YugabyteDB & VMware Tanzu

The Power of a Modern Database: YugabyteDB & VMware Tanzu

Your app modernization efforts deserve a modern data layer. Are you still dealing with the difficult tradeoffs between costly monolithic databases like Oracle or DB2 and NoSQL databases that forgo strong data consistency and important relational features? Most transactional workloads are still ripe for modernization. In this webinar, we’ll look at how a distributed, developer-friendly database by Yugabyte is a perfect complement to your VMware Tanzu-powered app modernization efforts. You’ll learn how you can modernize or build stateful applications with YugabyteDB that are highly scalable, resilient and performant—without the tradeoffs. Our team will go over VMware Tanzu and YugabyteDB use cases, a combined reference architecture, and a demo showcasing how the solutions work together to support you.


May 04, 2022

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  1. © 2022 All Rights Reserved The Power of a Modern

    Database: YugabyteDB & VMware Tanzu May 3, 2022
  2. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Today’s Speakers Amey Banarse VP,

    Global Field Engineering Yugabyte, Inc. @ameybanarse 2 2
  3. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Introducing Yugabyte ~300 employees worldwide

    Headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Globally distributed team across three continents. 1M+ clusters deployed 80+ countries 220+ contributors 5.5K+ GitHub stars Open Source DNA Founded in 2016 by former Facebook engineers with operating experience running Facebook’s DBaaS at scale. Leadership team from VMware, Nutanix, AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Enterprise Ready $290+ Million funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, 8VC, Dell Technologies Capital, Sapphire Ventures, Alkeon Capital, Meritech Capital, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, and others. 3
  4. 4 Yugabyte Confidential © 2020 All rights reserved. Distributed SQL

    database for transactional applications. 100% open source. Runs on any cloud. Scale, Resilience & Developer Friendly APIs Horizontal Scalability SQL PostgreSQL Compatibility Resilience and High Availability Geographic Distribution ACID Transactions Security Cloud native relational database for cloud native applications
  5. © 2022 All Rights Reserved © 2022 All Rights Reserved

    • Survive multiple failures with automatic healing and re-replication • Zero-downtime upgrades and security patching Top 5 retailer does upgrades & survives DC outage while serving >250K qps • Distribute data across zones, regions or clouds with ACID consistency • Most complete global replication features: sync, async, geo-partitioning Admiral distributes data across 5 regions to deliver <3ms global read latency Comprehensive Geo-Distribution Rapid Horizontal Scalability Built-in Resiliency & Availability Postgres Familiarity & Consistency Delivering the Key Database Capabilities Needed without Tradeoffs • Reuses the query layer of PostgreSQL and also provides NoSQL Cassandra API • Includes advanced features (triggers, stored procedures, security) Top 5 financial services company modernized from DB2 to YugabyteDB • Billions of op/day, hundreds of TBs • Rapidly scale queries, storage and connections by adding nodes Multiple top retailers easily scale for peak traffic (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) Relational Non- Relational Future-Proof 5
  6. © 2022 All Rights Reserved What is VMware Tanzu? VMware

    Tanzu is a suite of tools that enables enterprises to BUILD, RUN & MANAGE applications consistently, reliably & securely across any cloud 6
  7. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Why run a Transactional DB

    in K8s? Power of an end-to-end cloud native architecture 8
  8. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Increase Resource Utilization • Reduce

    cost with better packing of DBs • Useful when running large number of DBs ◦ Multi-tenant applications with a DB per tenant ◦ Self-service private DBaaS • But watch out for noisy neighbors ◦ Perf issues when running critical production workloads Node #1 Node #2 Node #3 9
  9. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Portability between clouds and on-premises

    • Infrastructure as code • Works in a similar fashion on any cloud ◦ Cloud-provider managed k8s (VMWare Tanzu, AKS, EKS, GKE) ◦ Self-managed k8s (public/private cloud) • But not perfectly portable ◦ IaaS dependencies - Need to understand some cloud specific constructs (Example: volume types, load balancers) 10
  10. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Automating day 2 operations •

    Robust automation with CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions) or commonly referred as ‘K8s Operator’ • Easy to build an operator for ops ◦ Periodic backups ◦ DB software upgrades • Automating failover of traditional/legacy RDBMS can be dangerous ◦ Potential for data loss? ◦ Mitigation: use a distributed DB 11
  11. © 2022 All Rights Reserved • High-throughput, Resilience and low-latency

    (<10 ms) • Strong consistency / transactional integrity • Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud • Event driven architectures with Kafka+YB+Spring (KYS) • Resilience, Scale and Continuous Availability • Data Residency compliance • Low Latency access from local / nearest regions • ACID Transactional guarantees • Very high throughput & low latency access • Scale (high write volume), resilience, geo-distribution • Deploy anywhere (even in remote edge locations) Mission-critical Microservices Geo-Distributed Workloads Edge and IoT Apps YugabyteDB is disruptive to traditional databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2) and cloud databases (Amazon Aurora, Azure CosmosDB, Google Spanner) 12 Transformative Trends Driving Shifts in the Database Market
  12. © 2022 All Rights Reserved YugabyteDB 100% Open Source vm

    vm vm vm Customer Infrastructure Infrastructure Operations Intelligent Day 2 Ops Consolidated Management 24/7 Support & Advanced Technology Services Private Self-Managed DBaaS • Self managed • Automated infrastructure operations • Automated database day 2 operations • 24/7 support available • Expert services for migrations, Data & App transformation engagements YugabyteDB Anywhere currently serves peak workloads for many customers in production • Black Friday and Cyber Monday peaks • Event launches (PlayStation 5 launch) • Connected Vehicles IoT workloads with massive growth YugabyteDB Anywhere - Self Managed DBaaS 14
  13. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Architecture: YugabyteDB on VMware Tanzu

    Kubernetes 15 node2 node1 node4 node3 yb-master StatefulSet yugabytedb yb-master-1 pod yugabytedb yb-master-0 pod yugabytedb yb-master-2 pod yb-tserver StatefulSet tablet 1’ yugabytedb yb-tserver-1 pod tablet 1’ yugabytedb yb-tserver-0 pod tablet 1’ yugabytedb yb-tserver-3 pod tablet 1’ yugabytedb yb-tserver-2 pod … Local/Remote Persistent Volume Local/Remote Persistent Volume Local/Remote Persistent Volume Local/Remote Persistent Volume yb-masters Headless Service yb-tservers Headless Service Admin Clients Microservices on VMWare TAP
  14. © 2022 All Rights Reserved © 2022 All Rights Reserved

    yb-tserver1 yb-tserver2 yb-tserver3 16
  15. © 2022 All Rights Reserved 1. Single Region, Multi-Zone Availability

    Zone 1 Availability Zone 2 Availability Zone 3 Consistent Across Zones No WAN Latency But No Region-Level Failover/Repair 2. Single Cloud, Multi-Region Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Consistent Across Regions with Auto Region-Level Failover/Repair 3. Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region Cloud 1 Cloud 2 Cloud 3 Consistent Across Clouds with Auto Cloud-Level Failover/Repair Resilient and strongly consistent across failure domains 17
  16. 18 © 2019 All rights reserved. Master Cluster 1 in

    Region 1 Consistent Across Zones No Cross-Region Latency for Both Writes & Reads App Connects to Master Cluster in Region 2 on Failure Master Cluster 2 in Region 2 Consistent Across Zones No Cross-Region Latency for Both Writes & Reads App Connects to Master Cluster in Region 1 on Failure Bidirectional Async Replication Availability Zone 2 Availability Zone 3 Availability Zone 2 Availability Zone 3 Availability Zone 1 Availability Zone 1 Multi-Master Deployments w/ xCluster Replication
  17. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Our Demo Scenario: Global Retailer

    Modernization story Large retail chain has been undertaking legacy application stack modernization: - Monolithic apps → Cloud native microservices with VMWare TAP - Legacy database → Scalable, Distributed and Cloud-native database with YugabyteDB The Global Retailer wants to modernize their stack - (1) simplify how the product catalog is managed across geographically distributed retail stores (2) centralize and aggregate millions of point of sale transactions in near real time to enable downstream applications like forecasting and new offer launches! • Store Manager maintains the catalog from the Hub, launches product offers and changes will propagate to all retail edges/stores asynchronously in near real time • Sales Orders from retail edges/stores will be asynchronously replicated and aggregated to the hub to enable downstream applications • Inventory management happens at the edge/store level 20
  18. © 2022 All Rights Reserved #1: Enhance Experiences #2: Increase

    Efficiency #3: Build Trust & Availability #4: Embrace Modernization 21 Global Retailers Top 4 Priorities
  19. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Retailer’s Legacy Application Stack Architecture

    Monolithic Application User Interface Monolithic Application User Interface Monolithic Application User Interface Hub Physical Store Online Store MiddleWare Message system 22
  20. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Retailer’s Modern Apps Reference Architecture

    User Interface Products Service Central Hub Physical Store Item Look-up Service Online Store YB JDBC Smart Driver YB JDBC Smart Driver YB JDBC Smart Driver Inventory Service Item Look-up Service Products Service YB JDBC Smart Driver User Interface Data Generator: Orders Data Generator: Products Data Generator: Orders 23
  21. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Retail Marketplace App • Seamlessly

    browse and shop millions of products • Determine Ratings and Reviews effectiveness • Order and checkout products worry-free even during peak shopping days! • Last but not the least, backed by transactional, highly performant Distributed SQL Database! 25
  22. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Retail Marketplace - Cloud Native

    Microservices Products Service Item Lookup Service POS:Cart Service POS:Checkout Service API Gateway Orders Products Inventory Service Products Products Service: System of records for product catalog. It sits in the hub and allows product manager to update product information and price. POS-Checkout and POS-Cart Services enable customers to create /check out orders which will be pushed to the hub by xCluster. Item lookup Service (product and price) allows shoppers to search products by product name or SKU. Inventory Service fulfills inventory at store level User Service Inventory Users 26
  23. © 2022 All Rights Reserved The Experiences We’ll Focus Products

    Service POS:Cart Service POS:Checkout Service API Gateway Orders Products 1. Broadcast price from cloud to stores One-to-many replication 2. Order aggregation from stores to cloud Many-to-one replication Microservices . . . 27
  24. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Retail App Deployment Topology Cloud

    eCommerce App YugabyteDB on GCP Online Store AWS cloud regions YugabyteDB on AWS Retail Store Located far from cloud regions VMware Tanzu(TAP) cluster in physical store location Central Hub 28
  25. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Broadcast Price Changes to All

    Stores Instantly Central Hub Retail Store Online Store Price Markdown: Barnes & Noble Nook $119.95 → $59.99 $119.95 → $59.99 $119.95 → $59.99 Broadcast price from Central Hub to all stores One-to-many replication 29
  26. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Order History from multiple locations

    Central Hub Retail Store Online Store Order A successful Order B successful 30 Order aggregation from stores to Central Hub Many-to-one replication
  27. © 2022 All Rights Reserved • Strong Consistency across multi-region

    • Scalable and highly available operational data tier • Business continuity, able to withstand Region failure with RPO=0, RTO=3 secs • Geo-partitioning and data compliance 32 US West US - Central US East Scalable, Resilient Multi-Cloud DB using VMware Tanzu TAP
  28. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Yugastore Microservices Architecture CART MICROSERVICE

  29. Yugabyte © 2022 – All Rights Reserved 35 Deploying a

    new data layer was key to Kroger’s strategy “Lead with fresh, accelerate with digital” Implemented YugabyteDB to help… • Modernize aging tech for microservices • Enhance omnichannel services • Seamlessly handle seasonal spikes • Avoid lock-in with a multi-cloud strategy • Develop resiliency to protect business
  30. Yugabyte © 2022 – All Rights Reserved Enhancing Worker Experience

    is Equally Important https://www.yugabyte.com/catalysts-of-change-retail-fireside-chat-on-demand/ “Retail companies need to become as good at software as they are at running a retail business. … The software must meet the needs of two very large populations: the end customer themselves and the frontline associate. It does that differently than 10-15 years ago.” — Paul Gaffney, CTO of Kohl’s 36
  31. Yugabyte © 2022 – All Rights Reserved YugabyteDB + Tanzu

    Experts Team for Architectural Guidance Michael James ([email protected]) Mark Fynes ([email protected]) Jai Kanuri ([email protected]) Wei Wang ([email protected]) Next Steps… Tanzu TAP Accelerator : Seamless experience to get started with Yugabyte 38
  32. © 2022 All Rights Reserved © 2022 All Rights Reserved

    How to Engage with us? 39 Want to get hands on? • You can find us in the VMware Marketplace and Tanzu Solutions Hub - go ahead and download YB Platform to run in your TKG or TAP • Experience Yugabyte Managed Cloud with your TAP microservices Want to learn more? Have questions? • Visit Yugabyte University and try out Yugabyte Spring workshop on Tanzu • Yugabyte blog is updated regularly with data industry thought leadership • Reach out to Neeharika Palaka [email protected] or Michael Haag ([email protected]) to schedule a follow up discussion • Join Yugabyte’s community Slack channel
  33. © 2022 All Rights Reserved Our Mission: Eliminate your data

    layer tradeoffs Relational Consistency Familiarity Security Non-Relational Resilience Scalability Geo-Distribution Future-Proof Open Source Multi-Cloud Hybrid Combines best of all worlds with 100% open source distributed SQL database for any cloud 40
  34. © 2022 All Rights Reserved © 2022 All Rights Reserved

    Thank You Join our community yugabyte.com/slack Try for yourself download.yugabyte.com cloud.yugabyte.com