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Turbocharging scalability of GraphQL services with a Distributed SQL DB

February 21, 2020

Turbocharging scalability of GraphQL services with a Distributed SQL DB

GraphQL, with its roots in some of the biggest internet companies like Facebook, was created to simplify cloud-native application development without compromising performance or security. However, the ability to scale out on-demand, the need for high availability and tolerating cloud outages are omnipresent in cloud-native architectures. Hasura is a popular, open-source GraphQL engine that works on top of a PostgreSQL database to instantly give you a production-ready GraphQL API. However, vanilla PostgreSQL is not horizontally scalable or highly available. YugabyteDB, an open-source, distributed SQL database was built to support all PostgreSQL features with full wire-compatibility to address exactly these needs - massive scalability, high availability and geo-distribution of data. In this talk, we will look at what features are needed in a distributed SQL database to support a GraphQL engine like Hasura. We will also look at the open-source distributed SQL DB landscape, and how YugabyteDB has been optimized for scaling the Hasura GraphQL engine.


February 21, 2020

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    Banarse Principal Data Architect, Yugabyte Inc. ♦ Pivotal ♦ FINRA ♦ NYSE University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) @ameybanarse about.me/amey
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    history of Yugabyte Builders of multiple popular DBs Part of Facebook’s Cloud-Native DB Evolution Yugabyte team dealt with this growth first hand Massive geo-distributed deployment given global users Worked with world class infra team to solve these issues Yugabyte founding team ran Facebook’s public-cloud scale DBaaS +1 Trillion ops/day +100 Petabytes data set sizes
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    Distributed SQL? SQL & Transactions SQL Massive Scalability Geo Distribution Ultra Resilience A Revolutionary Database Architecture
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    high performance, cloud native, distributed SQL database 100% Apache 2.0 Low Latency (Sub-ms) Kubernetes & Multi-Cloud
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    Perfect Distributed SQL DB PostgreSQL more popular than MongoDB Aurora much more popular than Spanner bit.ly/distributed-sql-deconstructed Amazon Aurora Google Spanner A highly available MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database service Not scalable but HA All RDBMS features PostgreSQL & MySQL The first horizontally scalable, strongly consistent, relational database service Scalable and HA Missing RDBMS features New SQL syntax
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    - Fully relational SQL API that is wire compatible with PostgreSQL o YCQL - Optimized Cassandra Query Language API o DocDB – High-performance distributed Document store – Offers strong consistency and multi row ACID transactions Design Follows a Layered Approach
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    … … YugabyteDB Query Layer YugabyteDB Query Layer YugabyteDB Query Layer DocDB Storage Layer DocDB Storage Layer DocDB Storage Layer Can connect to ANY node Add/remove nodes anytime YugabyteDB Node YugabyteDB Node YugabyteDB Node HASURA
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    GraphQL services • Scalable & Highly Available data tier • Business Continuity • Geo-Partitioning & Data Compliance
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    Yugabyte Cluster Awareness for Hasura GraphQL Load Balancers Hasura Hasura Hasura Connection Pool Hasura r YugabyteDB Cluster
  10. Scalable, Distributed GraphQL Subscriptions • Integrates with YugabyteDB Change Data

    Capture (CDC) • Use Cases ◦ Fraud Detection ◦ Real Time Dashboards ◦ Event Driven architectures Distributed DB Log Search Index Kakfa Streams GraphQL subscriptions Realtime Push notifications
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