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Achievement Motivation Training

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October 23, 2013

Achievement Motivation Training

Achievement Motivation Training, organized by Rohis 48 for IPB Computer Science 47, 48, & 49



October 23, 2013


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  2. “Start small, keep building.”

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  5. “Determination is the biggest piece. Don't even bother trying to

    avoid mistakes because you're going to make tons of mistakes — the important thing is learning quickly from your mistakes and not giving up.” — (Mark Zuckerberg)
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  7. Kuberi tahu satu rahasia padamu, Kawan. Buah paling manis dari

    berani bermimpi adalah, kejadian-kejadian menakjubkan dalam perjalanan menggapainya. — (Andrea Hirata, Maryamah Karpov)
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