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What I Talk About When I Talk About Envisioning Information

February 28, 2019

What I Talk About When I Talk About Envisioning Information

Talking about how visualization has transformed how we consume and utilize data in various industry, and how modern web could do to make it better.


February 28, 2019

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  1. What I Talk About When I Talk About Envisioning Information

  2. Today’s Agenda 01. What I talk about when I talk

    about Envisioning Information 02. What we seek 03. Implementation 04. Data Story Project Bukalapak
  3. What I talk about when I talk about Envisioning Information

    Bukalapak Slide Title
  4. Escaping The Flatland Bukalapak Slide Title

  5. The World is Changing How we represent the rich visual

    world of experience and measurement more than just in form of flatland paradigm. Bukalapak Slide Title
  6. Example java rail road Bukalapak

  7. Art of dancing Kellom Tomlinson, The Art of Dancing, Explained

    by Reading and Figures (London, 1735)
  8. #material Jovilables: Mechanical model of the solar system. Bukalapak Antide

    Janvier, "Des revolutins des corps celested par le mechanisme des rouages" (Paris, 1812)
  9. Bukalapak

  10. Users They may be busy, eager to get on with

    it, but they are not stupid. Bukalapak Slide Title
  11. Foundation Material of "Cognitive Art" Number Art Image Word Bukalapak

    Slide Title
  12. Principles and Understanding Bukalapak Slide Title

  13. 01 About Clutter and Information Overload Clutter and confusion are

    failures of design, not attributes of information. What about confusing clutter and Information overload? Doesn't data have to be "boiled down" and "simplified"? Bukalapak Slide Title
  14. Often the less complex and less subtle the line, the

    more ambiguous and less interesting is the reading. Bukalapak Slide Title
  15. 02 Micro/Macro readings Bukalapak Slide Title

  16. Tokyo Bukalapak

  17. 03 Color And Information Bukalapak Slide Title to paint well

    is simply this: to put the right color in the right place.
  18. 04 Immediate Feedback Bukalapak Slide Title

  19. We Envision Information in order to reason about, communicate, document,

    and preserve that knowledge on computer screen. Bukalapak Slide Title
  20. What We Seek Bukalapak Slide Title

  21. 01 Design And Build Dataviz That With Deliberately Bukalapak Slide

    Title With understanding that: simpleness of data and design != clarity of reading.
  22. 02 To Find Design Strategies That Reveal Detail And Complexity

    Bukalapak Slide Title Rather than to fault the data for an excess of complication. Or, worse, to fault views and users for lack of understanding.
  23. 03 Build Templates and Components Bukalapak Slide Title Once there's

    a good template intense data flows can be managed routinely, as the initial front-end investment in design is repaid by a great longrun template.
  24. Objective: to make implementing these important principles easy Bukalapak Slide

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  26. Bukalapak

  27. Bukalapak

  28. Bukalapak

  29. Bukalapak

  30. Bukalapak

  31. Pilot Project Bukalapak Slide Title

  32. Thank you Bukalapak Slide Title