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Lightning-fast feedback loops for developing and testing cloud apps

Anca Ghenade
September 20, 2023

Lightning-fast feedback loops for developing and testing cloud apps

Presentation from the LocalStack x Labyrinth Labs meetup on the 19th of September 2023.

Anca Ghenade

September 20, 2023

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  1. 2. Developing on a local machine, they soon find out

    that there are lots of dependencies with resources in the cloud
  2. 3. They realize that the dev & test loop is

    extremely slow and tedious. Every local change needs to be packaged and uploaded to the cloud for testing.
  3. 4. Now a Software Ninja has a red build on

    their feature branch, but can’t efficiently test and debug their code in the CI/CD pipeline.
  4. 5. The whole team is using Git flow for development

    - one CI build per feature branch. There is an explosion of different environments required for development (branches x developers).
  5. 6. The Ninja manager approaches the team and complains that

    AWS dev/test resources are not being cleaned up properly causing cost spikes.
  6. Title: Complexity and Risk - Setting up an AWS developer

    sandbox. - Making sure you have the right permissions to not blow up resources. - “Who is worthy of AWS access?”
  7. Title: The Fear That someone leaves resources on overnight… You

    get an email from your boss’ boss’ boss the next morning.
  8. Title: Running out of Time - Your application is never

    fully tested before release. - AWS is slow to create and handle all those resources.
  9. Title: Wasted Time & Money Disaster recovery testing was not

    done thoroughly dues to costs. You think you’re safe, but you’re not.
  10. How much of your system you can test Cloud emulation

    Full cloud emulation with service integration Staging environments Highest fidelity because it actually runs in the cloud Mocking Mock out cloud APIs What are our options in terms of testability? 3 4 Service emulation Replace individual services with local versions 2 1
  11. What is LocalStack and how can it help you? A

    fully functional local cloud stack that was born out of these exact concerns.
  12. • Enables a highly efficient dev & test loop for

    cloud apps • Ships as a Docker image, easy to install and start up • Support for 90-ish services (and growing): ◦ compute (Lambda, ECS, EKS) ◦ various databases (DynamoDB, RDS) ◦ messaging (SQS, Kinesis, MSK) ◦ some sophisticated/exotic APIs (Athena, Glue) • CI integrations & advanced collaboration features ◦ redefining the way cloud apps are developed across the lifecycle!
  13. AWS Parity • AWS Server Framework ◦ weekly automated updates

    of API stubs ◦ makes heavy use of botocore • Snapshot testing • Metrics collection to track test coverage