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[Ignite] Taming and Testing Your Cloud Infrastructure Locally, with Confidence

[Ignite] Taming and Testing Your Cloud Infrastructure Locally, with Confidence

06.02.2024 - Ignite talk at Config Management Camp, Ghent

Anca Ghenade

February 06, 2024

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  1. • Setting up an AWS developer sandbox. • You might

    only be granted access to certain services. Delays
  2. Time cost • Spinning up resources on a real cloud

    environment takes time. • Time spent figuring out the correct configs → your system ships with shortcomings.
  3. Expenses • Leaving resources running over night and blow up

    your budget. • Over provisioning due to bad configuration.
  4. Learning • Complexity of AWS services and understanding how they

    interact with each other. • Learning curve and keeping up with updates.
  5. Security • Accidently embedding secrets like credentials or API keys

    into your IaC config files. • Misconfigurations that lead to different security vulnerabilities.