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Intro to Filecoin - Building apps with Powergate

Intro to Filecoin - Building apps with Powergate


Andrew W Hill

July 02, 2020

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  1. Filecoin docs.textile.io/powergate Getting started with

  2. hi! i’m @andrewxhill from textile.io

  3. ThreadDB The Hub Buckets Powergate

  4. ThreadDB The Hub Buckets Powergate p2p database built on IFPS

  5. ThreadDB The Hub Buckets Powergate Dynamic folder persistence and synchronization

    on IPFS
  6. ThreadDB The Hub Buckets Powergate Filecoin + IPFS + APIs

  7. ThreadDB The Hub Buckets Powergate Brings it all together on

    remote services
  8. docs.textile.io

  9. Building with Filecoin

  10. A few basics

  11. Miners

  12. Miners 2 PBi 30 GBi

  13. Storage 64 GBi 1 GBi?

  14. Deals

  15. Retrieval

  16. Implementations lotus go-filecoin

  17. Powergate go-filecoin

  18. Networks Mainnet Testnet Devnet Embedded Devnet*

  19. Resources tinyurl.com/hackfs-resources

  20. Building with Filecoin

  21. • Low-latency, high-throughput datasets backed by Filecoin storage • Turnkey

    interop solution for creating storage on Filecoin and availability on IPFS. • Familiar interfaces for reading and writing data and configurable settings to sync, store, and cache data Powergate An API-driven solution for developers
  22. • Filecoin storage and IPFS availability. • Deal agent to

    Create, Repair, Renew, Expire. • Stateful for longterm deal monitoring. • Multi-user/tenant address and deal managment. • Miner indices, reputation tracking, advanced deal finding. Powergate Feature Highlights
  23. Lotus FFS IPFS Overview

  24. Lotus IPFS Powergate Launching IPFS, Lotus and Powergate

  25. Lotus IPFS HOT COLD Powergate A multi-tiered storage system across

    Filecoin and IPFS
  26. Lotus IPFS Powergate gRPC API

  27. Lotus IPFS Powergate CLI Powergate

  28. Lotus IPFS Powergate • Monitor deals for expiration, auto-renew •

    Auto repair and replication • One or many sandboxed addresses (access token based) • Collects miner reputation and allows pre-deal filtering The Powergate works for you.
  29. Lotus IPFS Powergate

  30. Lotus FFS IPFS Powergate FFS

  31. Lotus FFS IPFS • Each Powergate manages multiple FFS instances.

    • Every instance has its own Filecoin address(s) with its own balance(s) etc. • Every instance has its own defaults and settings for how it wants to store data on Filecoin (cold) and when to make it available over IPFS (hot). Filecoin File System FFS
  32. Lotus FFS IPFS FFS manages storage for “users” Every file

    stored by an FFS is tracked by its CID A storage config can be set per CID. It uses the FFS config by default. Configs can be updated. FFS
  33. Lotus FFS IPFS Storage Config FFS

  34. FFS Lotus IPFS > pow ffs info FFS

  35. Inspired by the Config HOT COLD

  36. IPFS: addTimeout Mixed networks

  37. Lotus FFS IPFS Other nodes on the network can help

    keep maintain your Hot layer! Mixed networks
  38. Push to external pinning services: Flamming Hot What’s hotter than

  39. FFS What’s hotter than hot?

  40. What can you build with the Powergate?

  41. github.com/filecoin-shipyard/powergate-pinning-service twitter.com/vasa_develop

  42. tinyurl.com/samikshan-pow twitter.com/samikshan

  43. blog.textile.io/integrating-powergate/ twitter.com/asutula

  44. github.com/filecoin-project/slate twitter.com/wwwjim

  45. Test the Powergate in good company!

  46. Let’s Build https://tinyurl.com/hackfs-pow