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SBuD: InfoVis in InfoSec

Ange Albertini
October 16, 2023

SBuD: InfoVis in InfoSec

Have you ever taken the screenshot of a hex viewer or a text editor, then you wanted to add annotations, highlights, descriptions?
Ever tried to update someone else's visualisation?

Sbud is a set of visualisation renderers driven by text.
Offline, no framework, no dependency. Themes and fonts are supported. MIT licence.
Save as SVG, PDF, PNG... Text is kept, still selectable, still updatable.

Video recording @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_7x2qhayDQ

Ange Albertini

October 16, 2023


  1. hexii: [ 'MZ', 0x90, 0x00, 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x04,

    0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0x00, 0x00, 0xB8, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x40, "?".repeat(0x3c - 0x19), { offset: 0x3c }, 0xF8, 0, 0, 0, { offset: 0xf8 }, 'PE\0\0', ], descriptions: [ [0, 'Dos header'], [2, 'Magic', 'MZ'], { offset: 0x3C }, [4, 'Pointer to PE', 0xF8], { offset: 0xF8 }, [0, 'PE Header'], [4, 'PE signature', 'PE\\0\\0'], ], highlights: [ [0x19, 0x23], ],
  2. Hack.lu & cti-summit October 2023 A.K.A. Ange Albertini "Simple Binary

    Description" Information visualisation in information security. , A little bit of
  3. - Reverse engineering and hex addict since the 80s. -

    Author of Corkami since 2007: - file formats (polyglots, collisions), visualisations… - PoC or GTFO since 2013 - Malware analyst since 2005: Symantec, Avira, Google. - In the Flare team since September 2023. About the author My own views and opinions. 3
  4. I’m not an InfoVis professional. No formal training. Insert the

    “I have no idea what im doing” meme here. No dogma, no sacred rule. Disclaimer 4
  5. Back in 2012 I made : PE 101 - A

    portable executable walkthrough Then various localizations: Visite guidée d'un exécutable Windows Ein Überblick über Windows Executables un recorrido por los ejecutables de windows يذﯾﻔﻧﺗ زودﻧﯾو فﻠﻣ لﻼﺧ لوﺟﺗ Windows実行可能形式 윈도우 실행 정보 Plik PE krok po kroku пошаговое руководство к исполняемым файлам Windows可执行文件详解 6
  6. A single file <-> useful to many people. Initial work:

    1 month of hobby time, by hand, with Inkscape. It's only covers a single executable file. But it was useful for many people to learn. -> the lower entry level, the more beneficial. Pixel art by Squiblydoo (2023) 7
  7. The real problems It doesn't scale with file size. Many

    structures are skipped to fit in the picture. Also: Is there a real need? 10
  8. Infosec hates… Graphical stuff: - Opening a graphical tool -

    Choosing up a font - Having to use a different theme - your color theme is your god. Risks: - Installing a JavaScript framework (security risk) - Network connections (locked down computers) - Privacy, exfiltration, malware escape… The official description of the Dracula theme 11
  9. Infovis in general (IMHO) Shiny one-shots. Rarely re-usable. …and bloated

    frameworks. Charles Joseph Minard's 1869 graphic of Napoleonic France's invasion of Russia 12
  10. SBuD v2 (2019) w/ Rafał Hirsch Using Constraints solving layouting.

    -> A nightmare to debug. Way too high level ! 17
  11. SBuD v3 "Hey, it's actually fun!" "Let's add new formats!"

    . . . 120 dissections later… 1ba 7-Zip 8SVX a LZMA a LZMA (w/ EOS) ActiveMime Aiff Aiff-c Amiga Hunk APE archive Arj BMP (v1) BMP (v3) BMP (v5) Cab Chm Clangd Index Compound File Binary Compress (.Z) Cpio (ASCII) Cpio (binary) Dalvik Dicom Dolphin Dolphin header EBCDIC ELF Emf emf (mini) Excel 1.0 (Biff 1) Excel 2.0 (Biff2) Excel 97 (Biff8 stream) Exe (Dos Stub) Exe (IBM PC Dos 1.0 LINK.EXE) Exif (jpeg) Exif (png) Exif (tiff) Fat Mach-O Gemdos program format (TOS) Gif (old) Gif (v87) Gif (v89) Guid Partition Table Gzip gzip gzip Ico (Bmp) Ico (Png) ID3 v2.3.0 Intel Hex Java Class JPEG (App1) JPEG (JFIF) Jxl Jxl (naked) KWAJ (compress) Linear Bitmap Linear Executable LZ4 lzip lzip (multiple members) mach-O Mach-O (PPC 64b) Mach-O (PPC) mach-O 64 Master Boot Record Master File Table Matroska Video (EBML) Midi Mp4 (ISO BMFF) New Executable nro One OS/360 Off Pcx (Ega16) Pcx (Vga256) PE (compiled) PE (mini 64b) PE (mini) Photoshop Photoshop (mini) Photoshop (w/ IPTC) Png Portable Image File Preferred Executable Format Program Information File Quite ok image format Rar v1.4 Rar v4 Rar v5 Redhat Packed Manager Resource fork riff Riff-based Midi Riff-based Midi (test) Rtf Shell Link Small web format Symbolic link Tar Terse Executable Tga TIFF (big-endian) Tiff (image data after metadata) TIFF (little-endian) USB Flashing Format Volume Boot Record WAD (Doom) WAD (mini) wasm Wav wmf (header-less) wmf (mini) wmf (MS) Xz Y4m (grayscale) Y4m (YUV) Zip Zip (2 files) Zip (Multi-vol) Zstandard 20
  12. Sbud …proved it's doable and saves a lot of time.

    It makes describing a file fun ! From hours to minutes of work. Ended up doing a lot w/ it. Explored formats and features instead of picking up colors. Connectable to parser. 22
  13. SBuD self-imposed restrictions Local-only, no framework, no dependencies: + ready

    to use, works offline - no module SVG is generated from scratch with vanilla JS. Very lightweight SVG - w/ Inkscape extras. 23
  14. Lesson learned 3 density of information types of file formats:

    Bit-based (with various directions), binary (nibbles values are important), text. Adapting to fonts and themes is a fundamental requirement. Sbud needs yet another rewrite, but this time, the data and experience can be reused. 24
  15. No Sbud v3 release ? Too overengineered. Hardcoded values, fonts…

    No immediate need. Design of the “hex pills” -> 27
  16. Everybody needs their custom color theme and coding font Typical

    feedback: - “Where’s the dark mode?” - “Shadows are too blurry.” - “You have no clue for design, don’t you?” Problem 28
  17. What’s really needed ? What do we need, and can

    we “simply” solve it ? The true problem 29
  18. A simple need with an awful result: “Hex viewer with

    descriptions and arrows” DOS Signature Offset to PE Header PE signature 30
  19. Painful to make… - Screenshot, cut borders, arrows… - No

    consistency: different tools, different systems, different color themes. - JPEG artefacts. - Questionable color theme. 31
  20. …painful to use… - Too much unneeded garbage bytes. -

    Who cares about the name of your hex editor? - Hard to match ASCII and Hex. - Offsets and sizes of structures aren't visible. 32
  21. …painful to re-use! - Find and open the same file

    or retype the hex content? - Localization ? Alternate layout ? - Dead data. Unparsable. Ungeneratable. Yet doesn’t feel like rocket science… 33
  22. SBuD [v4] 1. Type data 2. Instant visualisation 3. Download

    [SVG, PNG, PDF] 36 https://corkami.github.io/sbud/hexii.html
  23. hexii: [ 'MZ', 0x90, 0x00, 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x04,

    0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0x00, 0x00, 0xB8, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x40, "?".repeat(0x3c - 0x19), { offset: 0x3c }, 0xF8, 0, 0, 0, { offset: 0xf8 }, 'PE\0\0', ], desc: [ [2, 'Magic', 'MZ'], [4, 'Pointer to PE', 0xF8, { offset: 0x3C }], [4, 'PE signature', 'PE\\0\\0', { offset: 0xF8 }], ], highlights: [ [0x19, 0x23], ], From data to visualisation. 37
  24. Rendering -> JSON -> (actual input) JavaScript code -> (optional,

    but easier to type than pure JSON) …generates… 38
  25. 39

  26. It's not just a picture + Vector image: + One

    line = 2 nodes. + Infinite zoom at any scale. + Vector bitmap font. + Text remains selectable. + Embeddable images. - No embedded font. + XML: + typed manually or generated automatically. + can be pre/post processed. 40 Zoom at any scale. No blur, no pixels.
  27. SVG is there to stay! It’s a standard vector format.

    - browser, viewers, editors… - can be converted to PDF (no CSS, no filters) Just “Print, Save as PDF” -> embedded font glyphs in the document. - can be rendered as PNG of any (fixed) dimension. (no more resizing!) - can be converted to EMF (Google Docs vector format). 41
  28. - In the browser, w/ JavaScript - XML manipulation -

    Inkscape or any other software… PostProcess an SVG ? My workshop slides on Inkscape -> 42
  29. Your input Just the important data. - binary contents as

    ‘compact hexii’. - structures description. - optional highlights (‘where my signature hits’). Not required to document every byte. -> don't flood your audience with secondary content. (unlike hex viewer screenshots) 43
  30. Compact HexII Text mixed with byte values as integer (ASCII

    only). 'MZ', 0x90, 0x00, 0, "?".repeat(0x3c - 0x19), { offset: 0xf8 }, 'PE\0\0', "MZ",144,0,0,"???????????????????????????????????", {"offset":248},"PE\u0000\u0000" JSON conversion -> Example of input JS code -> 44
  31. Create SVGs without any dependency ? E const xmlns =

    'http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'; const svgEl = document.createElementNS(xmlns, 'svg'); const divEl = document.getElementById('svgdiv'); divEl.appendChild(svgEl); const text = document.createElementNS(xmlns, 'rect'); text.textContent = 'E'; text.setAttribute('x', `50`); text.setAttribute('y', `80`); text.setAttribute('fill', "#FF0000"); text.setAttribute('font-size', `80px`); text.setAttribute('font-family', 'serif'); text.setAttribute('text-anchor', 'middle'); svgEl.appendChild(text); 45 Minimal XML ->
  32. ✅ fits a need ✅ adapts to different styles 46

    SBuD v4 XKCD 1205: is it worth the time?
  33. "But JavaScript / browsers s*ck!" The lowest entry environment to

    provide something graphical without any required setup. No required setup, no excuse. Alternative solutions were tried: manual SVG generation, CairoSVG… Browsers are a nice compromise: open the webpage, type, save. …and at least, it's ts -check JavaScript, with types :) 47
  34. "But JSON s*cks !!" Indeed! (no hexadecimal numbers !) But

    it’s the lowest common denominator (unlike JSON5…) “Anything” can generate JSON. Native Javascript can also be directly used. SyntaxError: Expected ',' or ']' after array element in JSON at position... 48
  35. .JSON files ⊊ JS object notation No hex, no template

    literals From Javascript object to JSON: > o = {hex:[`{3*2}`, 0x20]} > o.hex <- (2) [‘6’, 32] > typeof(o) <- ‘object’ > JSON.stringify(o) <- ‘{“hex”: [“6”, 32]}’ Properties as strings only: > JSON.parse('{hex:[]}') <- Uncaught SyntaxError: Expected property name o > JSON.parse('{“hex”:[]}') <- {hex: Array(0)} No hex: > JSON.parse('{“hex”:[0x90]}') <- Uncaught SyntaxError: Expected ‘,’ or ‘]’ afte 49
  36. From parsers to SBuD It's just JSON. It can be

    easily generated from any dissector without any dedicated library. 50 # Usage: # fq -L . 'include "to_sbud"; to_sbud' format/gif/testdata/4x4.gif | pbcopy def to_sbud: ( [.. | to_entries?[]] as $entries | { hexii: [ $entries[].value | scalars | tobytes? | explode[] | if . >= 33 and . <= 126 then [.] | implode end ] , descriptions: [ $entries[] as {$key, $value} | $value | scalars | [ tobytesrange.size , ($key | tostring) , if type != "string" then tojson end ]? ] } ); SBuD output hack for FQ
  37. SBuD status Still experimental. No tests, no fuzzing. Still very

    early. Everything might evolve. But already useful! And nice and reusable visualisation is addictive! 51
  38. Problem: which font is present ? - Enumerating local fonts

    is a privacy risk - Only supported by Chrome and Safari -> Render a text with a given font family then see if the dimensions changed 󰤅 52
  39. Source Text w/ a simple keyword colorizer w/ wrapping! Line

    numbers, flow. Extra arrows and annotations. Use cases: - describeBlock("<body>", "</body>", "HTML body"); - arrow(endLine(line("XREF" + 1), "1 0 obj"); 54
  40. hexii: [ 'MZ', 0x90, 0x00, 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x04,

    0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0x00, 0x00, 0xB8, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x40, "?".repeat(0x3c - 0x19), { offset: 0x3c }, 0xF8, 0, 0, 0, { offset: 0xf8 }, 'PE\0\0', ], descriptions: [ [0, 'Dos header'], [2, 'Magic', 'MZ'], { offset: 0x3C }, [4, 'Pointer to PE', 0xF8], { offset: 0xF8 }, [0, 'PE Header'], [4, 'PE signature', 'PE\\0\\0'], ], highlights: [ [0x19, 0x23], ], Minimum information for a nice rendering 59
  41. It's about information. Clear information generation w/ your theme, branding.

    Dynamic information: generate, update, reuse. 61 It's not about shiny pixels.
  42. - Print [to PDF] with no blank space. - Reliable

    font metrics in the browser. - modules <-> server-less use. - vanilla JS fuzzing + testing. 62 Open challenges
  43. Title screen Special thanks to: Phillippe Teuwen, Rafał Hirsch, Mattias

    Wadman (Jq/Fq), WerWolv (ImHex). Thank you! Any feedback is welcome! 63
  44. Diagrams I wish I could have automated Defeating the E7

    protection PoCorGTFO 11:05 Pokemon plays twitch PoCorGTFO 10:03 Annotated dissassembly Decorated grid 65 To be continued 2/3
  45. Worth checking Cantor Dust, Veles, 101 Editor,Synalyze, Poke, FQ, Hiew,

    Hobbits, Pixd. Recommended: Kaitai, ImHex and FQ. - fq ddv -M -o line_bytes=16 - fq "tovalue | walk((scalars | {name: ._name, range: (tobytesrange | [.start, .stop]), value: .}) //.)" -M Useful invocations: 67
  46. Size and alignments? It could have been be easy: 00+2

    Dos signature Another example (same fontsize, same line): 00+2 Dos signature 68 Hurdles 1/4
  47. Problem: alignment - JavaScript can’t get all fonts metrics: (Only

    the graphical dimensions) Sometimes, it's just buggy. Some fonts are unusable (why?) -> Extract and store metrics via an external script? 70 Hurdles 3/4
  48. Same characters, same font size And yet a different height,

    different line space… 71 Hurdles 4/4
  49. Variety in color themes - Light/dark mode - Palettes: sequential,

    qualitative, with highlights & shadows, monochrome, grayscale, b&w. - Some themes directly defines programming use-case. -> a custom mapping is necessary. - Use cases: e-readers, color blindness. 72 Themes 1/2
  50. What about a custom syntax like Mermaid ? erDiagram CUSTOMER

    }|..|{ DELIVERY-ADDRESS : has CUSTOMER ||--o{ ORDER : places CUSTOMER ||--o{ INVOICE : "liable for" DELIVERY-ADDRESS ||--o{ ORDER : receives INVOICE ||--|{ ORDER : covers ORDER ||--|{ ORDER-ITEM : includes PRODUCT-CATEGORY ||--|{ PRODUCT : contains PRODUCT ||--o{ ORDER-ITEM : "ordered in" Mermaid diagram syntax Generated Mermaid diagram 74 Other syntaxes 1/2
  51. Mermaid-like syntax Your data as will be stuck with its

    custom format. Json can be easily [re-]generated, parsed… You can type your own JSON type JS and convert it as JSON. SVG is alive. JSON is alive. A custom syntax is ok, but to be converted to JSON anyway. 75 Other syntaxes 2/2
  52. Experiences w/ Braille Codepage are useless when it’s not text.

    ASCII and braille never align properly! 80 Terminal 5/6
  53. Lessons learned Some funky experiments. Codepages are here to stay

    ? Not the best to determine patterns. Terminal forces a different view. 81 Terminal 6/6
  54. Bugs & workarounds Inkscape doesn't use <line>, but only <path>.

    Whitespace preservation: - white-space: pre; in CSS for browser, - xml:space="preserve" for Inkscape. 82
  55. Fonts you might like Oldschool: - The Ultimate Oldschool PC

    Font Pack - Retro computing fonts by Kreative Software Handwritten: Patrick Hand, Aracne 83