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The Figments_seq. 10

The Figments_seq. 10

A sequence I worked on, from an indie pilot called "The Figments" created by Kip Pheasant and great crew of 20+ folks

Angelo Caba

August 02, 2021

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  1. Scene 2 Panel 2 Dialog swear on your life that

    you will keep everything that happens in this secret hideout a secret?! Page 3/80
  2. Scene 8 Panel 5 Dialog Under my authority as an

    independent investigator contracted by you- Page 20/80
  3. Scene 8 Panel 6 Dialog I would advise you to

    keep your lips shut or I can independently leave this investigation Page 21/80
  4. Scene 8 Panel 7 Dialog S: Just start reading. I

    wanna know if the stuff in this book is gonna be worth all the detention we're gonna get. Page 22/80
  5. Scene 10 Panel 2 Dialog JD: Trust me, the Necronomicon

    is NOT a waste of time. Page 26/80
  6. Scene 14 Panel 1 Dialog (O.S) JD: Oh my mom

    would kill me if she knew- Page 35/80
  7. Scene 15 Panel 1 Dialog I was reading about this

    level of dark magic. Page 36/80
  8. Scene 15 Panel 2 Dialog S: Can you get to

    the sections with the monster already? Page 37/80
  9. Scene 19 Panel 2 Dialog Mari: Are you trying to

    find your sister? Page 57/80
  10. Scene 20 Panel 1 Dialog The police decided to just

    stop searching for her. Page 60/80
  11. Scene 20 Panel 2 Dialog They're saying that she's dead,

    but I'm sure still alive. Page 61/80
  12. Scene 20 Panel 3 Dialog It's not fair, I know

    they ended it early because this town hates my family. Page 62/80
  13. Scene 20 Panel 4 Dialog Even at school, JD is

    the only one that'll talk to me and I had to bribe her with some big old book to get her to do it. Page 63/80
  14. Scene 21 Panel 1 Dialog JD: It's true. I wouldn't

    be caught dead with her if it didn't give me a reason to steal the Necronomicon. Page 64/80
  15. Scene 22 Panel 1 Dialog S: I didn't choose to

    be born to a family of monster hunters! Page 65/80
  16. Scene 22 Panel 2 Dialog and it's not like I

    see eye to eye with them either! Page 66/80
  17. Scene 24 Panel 1 Dialog S: This is the kind

    of danger our dad trained us for, I guess. Page 69/80
  18. Scene 25 Panel 1 Dialog M: Well..I for one wanna

    help find her, if you let me! Page 70/80
  19. Scene 29 Panel 1 Dialog JD: (O.S) What this? It's

    a figment. Kind of surprised it's in a book like this. it's just a scary story parents use to scare kids. Page 78/80