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IWCon2022: Biologist to Security consultant

Anugrah SR
October 17, 2022

IWCon2022: Biologist to Security consultant

Anugrah SR

October 17, 2022

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  1. Security Consultant @The SecOps Group Synack Red Team member Passive

    bugbounty Hunter Twitter: @cyph3r_asr LinkedIn: anugrah-sr Web: anugrahsr.in Blog: p1boom.com
  2. How did I got into cybersecurity after graduating masters in

    biology? I am from a non-tech background. I want to do get into cybersec, can you help me? What are things I need to learn?
  3. My Journey 2015 Joined IISER Bhopal Life Science as major

    Computational Biology Evolutionary Genomics
  4. Googled it! How do they do it? SQL Injection! Cross

    Site Scripting(XSS) File Upload: RCE
  5. Plan of Action Apply for PhD Because a Dr Infront

    of name would look cool Data Scientist Because it was the hottest job of the century Hacker But where to start? Is it possible Asst. Professor I had my NET exam cleared
  6. #100daystolearnandimprove Hacking, Sharing resource and many more. Intern at OpenVirus

    aggregation of scholarly publications and extracted knowledge on viruses and epidemics. Into the Infosec twitter- verse
  7. Resources Infosec Twitter Bugbounty Tips Direct access to experts Giveaways

    Youtube Stok Nahamsec InsiderPhD ... Labs Tryhackme Hackthebox WebSec Acadamy Pentesterlab hacker101 ctf Blogs Medium! Special shoutout to Infosec Write-ups Pentesterland Hackerone disclosed Reports
  8. What I learnt after 100days? Learn to google Learn to

    ask the right question. Don't expect someone will spoon feed you, You have to do your work. Engage with the community, gather people around you having the same mindset. Network as much as you can. Give back to the community. Persistence is the key. There is no overnight success. I got my first bounty after 3months Become part of top1000 rank in bugcrowd Became Confident with WAPT
  9. "To follow the path: Look to the master. Follow the

    master. Walk with the master. See through the master. Become the master." - Zen Proverb
  10. Securing my first Infosec Internship! Solve the CTF to get

    hired! Application testing, client meetings, report writing and more.
  11. Internship/Job Hunting? Skills Up skill yourself Portfolio Make a strong

    portfolio for yourself. Be a contributor, curator or a builder. Apply Raw Application or Referral Good Resume/CV The ultimate aim in this competitive field is that you need to stand out in the crowd https://www.p1boom.com/2022/01/how-to-find-your-first-cyber-security-internship.html.html
  12. Cyber Security Analyst ISMS-VAPT Full Time Job Security Consultant Penetration

    Tests on Web Applications, APIs, Mobile Applications and Internal & External Networks
  13. "There is no way to know if this is the

    right decision or not, but it's better than living a life asking what if I had taken that decision."
  14. You lose nothing by sending a “Hi”, but can gain

    much more. YES NO Twitter: @cyph3r_asr LinkedIn: anugrah-sr Web: www.anugrahsr.in