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Hacking 101

Anugrah SR
October 17, 2022

Hacking 101

Talk was part of INITCREW : DISHA MARK II

Anugrah SR

October 17, 2022

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  1. Slides 03 Agenda What is hacking Type of hacking Steps

    in hacking How to get started How to get better at it Findings your first job internship Importance of community
  2. Slides 04 Security Consultant @The SecOps Group Synack Red Team

    member Passive bugbounty Hunter Twitter: @cyph3r_asr LinkedIn: anugrah-sr Web: anugrahsr.in Blog: p1boom.com initcrew Core team Member
  3. Slides 05 This slides and talks are just overview of

    the large spectrum of cyber Secuity... swasha kosham sponge pole aan... Cautions
  4. Slides 06 Hacking refers to activities that seek to compromise

    digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and even entire networks. nowadays most references to hacking, and hackers, characterize it/them as unlawful activity by cybercriminals What is hacking?
  5. Many think that “hacker” refers to some self-taught whiz kid

    or rogue programmer skilled Who are hackers? Slides 10
  6. Just for fun Show off Spy someone Cybercrimes Steal information

    Money Power Ego Breakup Glow? Why Hackers Hack? Slides 09
  7. Bad! White Hat Grey Hat Black Hat The Good one!

    ( Nanmayulla lokame.mp3) Mix of Good and Bad! Type of Hacker Slides 11 Great power comes with great responsibility
  8. Slides 17 Cybercrime up 600% Due to COVID-19 Pandemic It

    is estimated that, worldwide, cyber crimes will cost $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Cybercrime cost makes up a value worth 1% of the Global GDP. 71.1 million people fall victim to cyber crimes yearly. It costs $180 per record with PII that was breached. So What?
  9. Slides 06 Network Host People Involved First step of Hacking,

    Information gathering phase Collect as much info as possible Active and Passive Recon Reconnaissance
  10. Slides 06 Port Scanning: Open ports, Services running etc Vulnerability

    Scanning: Check target's vulnerability Network Mapping: Get of overview of connected systems Scanning
  11. Slides 06 Trojan Rootkits Malicious files Maintaining Access Phase where

    attacker wants persistence connection without user's knowledge
  12. Slides 12 How to get started How internet works What

    happens behind the browser SCRIPTING AND PROGRAMMING Bash, Python, GO (No need to be an expert) HOW APPS/Devices WORKS Try Everything and Select!
  13. Offensive vs Defensive Slides 15 Security Operations Center (SOC) Threat

    Intelligence Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) Penetration Tester Red Teamer - Plays the role of an adversary Security Engineer
  14. Slides 06 Googling most of the time Reading Reading Reading

    Videos [Talks, POCs] Vulnerable Labs Where should i learn? https://github.com/sbilly/awesome-security
  15. Slides 06 Where should i learn? https://github.com/sbilly/awesome-security Infosec Twitter Bugbounty

    Tips Direct access to experts Giveaways Youtube Stok Nahamsec InsiderPhD ... Labs Tryhackme Hackthebox WebSec Acadamy Pentesterlab hacker101 ctf Blogs Medium! Special shoutout to Infosec Write-ups Pentesterland Hackerone disclosed Reports
  16. What I learnt after 100days? Slides 13 Learn to google

    Learn to ask the right question. Don't expect someone will spoon feed you, You have to do your work. Engage with the community, gather people around you having the same mindset. Network as much as you can. Give back to the community. Persistence is the key. There is no overnight success.
  17. Slides 13 "To follow the path: Look to the master.

    Follow the master. Walk with the master. See through the master. Become the master." - Zen Proverb
  18. Slides 13 Internship/Job Hunting? Skills Up skill yourself Portfolio Make

    a strong portfolio for yourself. Be a contributor, curator or a builder. Apply Raw Application or Referral Good Resume/CV The ultimate aim in this competitive field is that you need to stand out in the crowd https://www.p1boom.com/2022/01/how-to-find-your-first-cyber-security-internship.html.html
  19. Slides 13 Make a strong portfolio for yourself. Be a

    contributor, curator or a builder. Blogs, Tools, Tweets, Repos, Newsletter, Talks etc.. You lose nothing by sending a “Hi” message, but can gain much more.
  20. Slides 14 Importance of Community Likeminded peoples More Opportunity to

    grow and improve Chance to meet your future cofounder, hacking buddy, partner! Unimaginable support Infosec Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord.
  21. Thank You For Attention Slides 19 You lose nothing by

    sending a “Hi”, but can gain much more. YES NO Twitter: @cyph3r_asr LinkedIn: anugrah-sr Web: www.anugrahsr.in