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Kubeless demo @ CNCF WG-Serverless meeting

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August 31, 2017

Kubeless demo @ CNCF WG-Serverless meeting



August 31, 2017


  1. Kubeless & Serverless framework

  2. Kubeless = K8s native serverless framework • Web site: http://kubeless.io

    • Github: https://github.com/kubeless/kubeless • Open Source, non-affiliated: https://github.com/kubeless • Serverless Framework provider: https://serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/kubeless/ • Announcement: https://bitnami.com/news/press-releases/bitnami-partners-serverless-kubernetes-native- functions
  3. Kubernetes Native • It is an extension of Kubernetes •

    A new API object, called Function, through TPR (soon to be moved to CRDs) • A Kubernetes controller that checks for changes • Creates Deployments and Services (and optionally Ingress) when deploying functions • ConfigMaps to inject functions • Runtimes available: Nodejs, Python, Ruby (custom runtimes soon to be added) • Events: HTTP and PubSub (with Kafka) • Integrated with Prometheus • Integrated UI • Custom metrics auto-scaling coming soon
  4. @arapulido