CloudFormation Macros: Transform Your Templates

CloudFormation Macros: Transform Your Templates

The slides to accompany the workshop I gave at the Melbourne AWS Programming and Tools Meetup on July 10, 2019.

Actual workshop code can be found at

Last year AWS released CloudFormation Macros and, by doing so, gave us the ability to fully customise our CloudFormation templates. Macros run as Lambda functions that you write yourself and CloudFormation will allow these functions to change your templates in any way you want them to.
This can be anything you imagine; duplicating entries, ensuring naming standards, pulling information from S3, up to and including writing your own custom templates that create a complete environment. In this workshop we'll take a first step in this process by building one such Macro and laying the groundwork for you to create your own.


Arjen Schwarz

July 10, 2019