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Building Ethereum powered DApps

Building Ethereum powered DApps

A lightning talk on tools and workflow for building Smart Contract powered web applications

Arpit Mathur

May 04, 2018

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  1. @arpit Communicating with the Network • JSON RPC • Web3.js

    • Injected Web3.js • Web dev framework (Truffle)
  2. @arpit Truffle • “Rails for Ethereum Dapps” • “Truffle Boxes”:

    Preconfigured projects http://truffleframework.com/
  3. @arpit Workflow • Create Contract in Solidity • Move Contracts

    to /contracts directory • Compile contract: ◦ `truffle compile` • Run Ganache (local test net) • Deploy Contracts ◦ `truffle migrate` • Import Contract JavaScript stub in your clientside code ◦ import MyContract from '../../../build/contracts/MyContract.json' • Execute functions on Contract in JavaScript (at the right address)