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Firebase For Mobile Developers

Firebase For Mobile Developers

Arpit Mathur

May 02, 2018

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  1. Firebase for Mobile Developers @arpit

  2. @arpit http://signup.devbots.ai/

  3. @arpit Let’s build an API

  4. @arpit Let’s build an API

  5. @arpit Firebase? Oh also, AWS but its ugly

  6. @arpit Firebase Services

  7. @arpit Including Firebase into your application

  8. @arpit Firebase Auth • Drop in Auth Screen ◦ Configure

    your auth providers • Manual configuration ◦ Sign in with Google ◦ Initialize Firebase with signed in Credentials
  9. @arpit

  10. @arpit Firebase Realtime Database • Built in permissions • NoSQL

  11. @arpit More coming soon...

  12. @arpit Firebase TestLab • Run your instrumentation tests (Espresso /

    UIAutomator 2.0) or Robo Tests
  13. @arpit Firebase Cloud Functions • Typescript or JavaScript • Express

    style functions or complete Express apps • Call modes: ◦ Directly callable from Web/Android/iOS ◦ Call based on event triggers within Firebase services ▪ Database changes, authentication changes, etc
  14. @arpit

  15. @arpit Final Thoughts • https://firebase.google.com/docs/ • https://www.youtube.com/user/Firebase • https://firebase.google.com/docs/test-lab/ signup.devbots.ai