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0b0edcef2f3aee7b51cda719e5f82d7c?s=47 Arpit Mathur
October 21, 2015



Arpit Mathur

October 21, 2015


  1. Innovation Unboxed Lessons learned from 5 years at labs

  2. -Ideas -Teams -Process

  3. Ideas

  4. Do you see the world differently? "Tell me something that's

    true, that almost nobody agrees with you on.” - Peter Thiel
  5. Pick the right idea

  6. Beware Hype

  7. Teams

  8. Mix it up Design Engineering Business

  9. Understand motivations • Push user experience boundaries • Try the

    latest technology • Prove an idea • Promotions and Career paths • …
  10. Leadership style

  11. Leadership isn’t everything Link

  12. Process

  13. Idea Trial Release Planned Prototype

  14. Emergent Buy In Trial Release Rapid Prototype Trial Candidate

  15. What do you prototype What do Prototypes Prototype?
 Stephanie Houde

    and Charles Hill, Apple Inc
  16. Demos

  17. The Rider, the elephant and the path Parting thought

  18. Thanks!