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September 19, 2014




September 19, 2014


  1. © 2014 IBM Corporation 應⽤用IBM雲端社群協作平台幫助公益平台 整合社會資源,促進⽂文化發展,培育偏鄉⼈人才 Jack Cheng IBM Collaboration

    Solutions Marketing Manager SmartCloud  for  Social  Business
  2. © 2014 IBM Corporation 2 We  believe  that  global  integra8on

     is  a  cri8cal  step  in  the  evolu8on  of  enterprises
  3. © 2014 IBM Corporation 3 Global  Employee  Jams  promote  discussion

     on  key  topics  –  ROI  is  very  significant
  4. © 2014 IBM Corporation 4 IBM Smarter Planet: Social Business

    as a Commitment Social Business changes the way we live and work. “we’re analyzing information on- the-go to make intelligent, real-time decisions.”
  5. © 2014 IBM Corporation 5 Why IBM need to create

    an Enterprise Social Platform? “ Integrated, Security–rich, Reliable, Flexible, Extensible…” The IBM Solution •  Integrated the essential tools for social business in the cloud •  Enterprise-grade file sharing •  Communities •  Instant Messaging •  Web Meetings •  User Profiles •  Mail and Calendar …and we support MOBILE!
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  8. © 2014 IBM Corporation 8 需要參賽隊伍的幫助 •  提出⼀一份完整的規劃書,建議公益平台如何使⽤用IBM雲端社群協作平台解決現有問題並 提⾼高組織的溝通及合作效率 • 

    以三⼤大主軸為思考⽅方向規劃IBM雲端社群協作平台的應⽤用: •  如何協助公益平台建⽴立ecosystem更容易募資 (外部資源及資⾦金)? •  如何協助公益平台吸引更多義⼯工服務並有效管理義⼯工資源? •  如何協助公益平台更有效執⾏行並推廣⺫⽬目前的計劃及輔導專案? IBM/公益平台對ATCC團隊給予的協助及可落實的成果應⽤用 •  IBM協助提供workshop, 指導同學在平台使⽤用, 規劃書架構, 簡報 技巧等協助 •  IBM帶同學參訪公益平台, 有機會去花東實際觀察專案計劃的執⾏行 •  如果提案規劃書得到公益平台的認同,會直接導⼊入公益平台,並 以此建⽴立未來的社群協作平台
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     Corpora4on  2013.  All  Rights  Reserved.     The  informa4on  contained  in  this  publica4on  is  provided  for  informa4onal  purposes  only.  While  efforts  were  made   to  verify  the  completeness  and  accuracy  of  the  informa4on  contained  in  this  publica4on,  it  is  provided  AS  IS  without   warranty  of  any  kind,  express  or  implied.  In  addi4on,  this  informa4on  is  based  on  IBM’s  current  product  plans  and   strategy,  which  are  subject  to  change  by  IBM  without  no4ce.  IBM  shall  not  be  responsible  for  any  damages  arising   out  of  the  use  of,  or  otherwise  related  to,  this  publica4on  or  any  other  materials.  Nothing  contained  in  this   publica4on  is  intended  to,  nor  shall  have  the  effect  of,  crea4ng  any  warran4es  or  representa4ons  from  IBM  or  its   suppliers  or  licensors,  or  altering  the  terms  and  condi4ons  of  the  applicable  license  agreement  governing  the  use  of   IBM  soPware.     References  in  this  presenta4on  to  IBM  products,  programs,  or  services  do  not  imply  that  they  will  be  available  in  all   countries  in  which  IBM  operates.  Product  release  dates  and/or  capabili4es  referenced  in  this  presenta4on  may   change  at  any  4me  at  IBM’s  sole  discre4on  based  on  market  opportuni4es  or  other  factors,  and  are  not  intended  to   be  a  commitment  to  future  product  or  feature  availability  in  any  way.  Nothing  contained  in  these  materials  is   intended  to,  nor  shall  have  the  effect  of,  sta4ng  or  implying  that  any  ac4vi4es  undertaken  by  you  will  result  in  any   specific  sales,  revenue  growth  or  other  results.     All  customer  examples  described  are  presented  as  illustra4ons  of  how  those  customers  have  used  IBM  products  and   the  results  they  may  have  achieved.  Actual  environmental  costs  and  performance  characteris4cs  may  vary  by   customer.   All  references  to  Renova4ons  refer  to  a  fic44ous  company  and  are  used  for  illustra4on  purposes  only.