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Highgroove Generator ATLRUG Presentation

Highgroove Generator ATLRUG Presentation

Quick overview of the highgroove generator gem.

Aubrey Rhodes

July 12, 2012


  1. Highgroove Generator Aubrey Rhodes

  2. Who am i? Developer @ Highgroove ~ 5 Years building

    webapps Java & .NET before Ruby
  3. Most Importantly I Start New Rails Projects On a Regular

  4. I End Up Using a Similar Set of Tools to

    Follow Best Practices in Each Project
  5. Best Practices Integration and Unit Tests

  6. Best Practices Measure Test Coverage

  7. Best Practices Debugging Tools

  8. Best Practices Factories to Create Mock Data (not for unit

  9. Best Practices Templating Engine That’s Not ERB

  10. Best Practices Use The Same Datastore in Development as Production

    (not sqlite)
  11. Best Practices Some Sort of Hosting That’s Not My Laptop

  12. New Rails Projects Are Easy...

  13. rails new myapp

  14. None
  15. I Want Postgres

  16. rails new myapp -d postgresql

  17. None
  18. I don’t want testunit

  19. rails new myapp -T -d postgresql

  20. None
  21. I Need to: Cleanup generated files Add a Homepage Setup

    hosting Add Gems Setup GIT
  22. This Isn’t Hard But It’s a Full Day of Work

  23. Soo.... I Built a Tool

  24. gem install highgroove-generator

  25. highgroove new myapp

  26. Now I have a Rails app With:

  27. Rails 3.2

  28. RVM Gemset

  29. Git Repo

  30. Postgres

  31. FactoryGirl

  32. Forgery

  33. Capybara- Webkit

  34. Simplecov

  35. RSpec

  36. Slim

  37. A Brand New Heroku App

  38. This Saves ME a Day of work

  39. This forces me to use the right tools

  40. WHat’s next?

  41. Support for Vagrant Boxes

  42. Chef Provisioning

  43. Support for more hosts

  44. Twitter Bootstrap

  45. User Auth

  46. Open Source On Github https://github.com/highgroove/ highgroove-generator

  47. Talks on Tools http://vimeo.com/highgroove

  48. Questions?