People don't give a f**k of JavaScript - 4Developers 2015

People don't give a f**k of JavaScript - 4Developers 2015

People don't give a f**k of JavaScript. You shouldn't either. We are here to do stuffs, whether you call them websites, web applications, web services or hybrid apps. People want to perform tasks, not listen you talking about your favourite programming language. So, use the one you feel more comfortable with and just release the next big thing. But, if your favourite language is JavaScript, let's write better code. What does better means? Better for developers, better for devices, better for users.

In this talk, I'll describe some of the latest HTML5 APIs, many of which still experimental, that can help you develop great code. In a bunch of minutes, you'll see how to use:

- The High Resolution Time and the User Timing APIs to help yourself testing your code performances
- The Page Visibility and the Battery APIs to take care of devices' resources
- The Vibration and the GetUserMedia APIs to create better User Experiences


Aurelio De Rosa

April 20, 2015