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Innovations to boost productivity with Azure-managed MySQL, Postgres, & MariaDB databases | Ignite 2019 | Sunil Kamath

Innovations to boost productivity with Azure-managed MySQL, Postgres, & MariaDB databases | Ignite 2019 | Sunil Kamath

Cloud is fueling the growth of open source databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB. More than 70% of new applications are developed with these databases. Azure offers a fully-managed database service used in industries such as financial, retail, and manufacturing—powering mission-critical, LOB, and real-time operational analytical applications. These apps demand enterprise-grade security, hyperscale performance and scalability, high availability, and advanced performance management. This demo-filled session from the people who build the service focuses on new and upcoming innovations across these key areas. Gain a clear understanding of these innovative capabilities, and how you can apply them to boost productivity.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

November 05, 2019

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  1. OPEN SOURCE IS THE FUTURE > 60% By 2022, more

    than 70% of new in- house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS or OSDBMS-based dbPaaS2 DBaaS (Relational) is the top public cloud service used3 90% > 40% Through 2020, relational technology will continue to be used for at least 85% of new applications and projects1 State of the relational and open source databases 1. Gartner: “State of the Open-Source DBMS Market, 2018” 2. Gartner: “State of the Open-Source DBMS Market, 2019” 3. Source: “RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexara”
  2. MariaDB is a community-developed fork of MySQL with strong focus

    on the user community MySQL is a leading open source relational database for LAMP stack apps PostgreSQL is the most loved and wanted database for modern apps 54% 3x DBMS of the Year #1 Relational database choices on Azure
  3. Relational Database Services Platform Azure storage Azure compute Azure Database

    for PostgreSQL Azure Database for MySQL Azure Database for MariaDB Global Azure in 54 regions Elastic On-demand scaling, resource governance Trusted Built in HA Database Services Platform Security/Compliance Advanced Threat Protection Intelligent Recommendations, tuning, monitoring Integration Azure functionality integration Hyperscale Cloud native scale out
  4. Delivering innovations to boost your productivity Managing resource uptime Enterprise

    Security Performance Optimization Improve developer agility Use Azure Anywhere
  5. … Azure Storage MySQL or PostgreSQL Server Secure container X

    MySQL or PostgreSQL Server Secure container X PostgreSQL: 5432 MySQL: 3306 MySQL Client Azure 3 copies of data for data reliability Compute redundancy Built-in HA helps achieve 99.99% SLA
  6. Elasticity Built-in elasticity for quick scaling Benefits • Scale compute

    up or down in seconds • Scale storage instantaneously PostgreSQL: 5432 MySQL: 3306 Azure Storage MySQL or PostgreSQL Server MySQL or PostgreSQL Server Secure container Secure container MySQL Client Azure
  7. Improve performance and decrease cost with comprehensive database monitoring, Query

    insights, recommendations, and automatic tuning Query Store : Automatically track and log query performance over time Heading Query Performance Insights : Visualize query performance data to identify how your longest running queries change over time Heading Performance recommendations : Azure analyzes the workloads across your server to generate customized performance recommendations Heading Intelligent insights to optimize workloads
  8. Protect data with layers of security Ø Azure provides multiple

    layers of security to safeguard your data both at rest and in motion unblocks customers across different industries Built-in encryption for data at rest and in motion Secure SSL connectivity Server firewall rules Virtual Network (SE) Native authentication Azure Active Directory *NOW* Private Link *Dec* Bring Your Own Key *Dec*
  9. Source: Verizon 2017 & 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report ?******?

    The modern security challenge • No organization is immune • More frequent attacks • More sophisticated techniques • 76% of breaches were financially motivated • 28% involved internal actors, while 72% perpetrated by outsiders
  10. Defend malicious action with Advanced Threat Protection Azure portal Developer

    Azure Security Center (ASC) Advanced threat protection Just turn it on Actionable alerts
  11. Hyperscale (Citus) | Azure Database for PostgreSQL (GA ) Optimized

    for multi-tenant, SaaS applications and real-time operational analytics.
  12. Any hardware OEM hardware AKS Any Kubernetes GKE EKS Kubernetes

    OPENSHIFT … Azure data service Cloud native scale on-premise – Azure Arc
  13. Innovate faster through integration with Azure services Power BI Azure

    App Services Azure Data Factory Azure Analysis Services Azure Machine Learning Azure Cognitive Services Azure Bot Service Azure Kubernete s Service
  14. Building a real time IOT application on Azure Edge IoT

    devices IoT Hub Storage Blob Azure Data Factory Azure PostgreSQL w/TimescaleDB Power BI High Speed ingestion
  15. Azure Compute / Azure storage Global Azure in 54 regions

    • Compute optimizations • Low latency IO Ø Compute optimizations Ø Low latency IO Ø Manageability Ø Governance Ø Cost/resource opt. Ø Compliance Database Platform Ø Enterprise security Ø Flexible deployment options Ø Multi-AZ Ø Customer managed maintenance window Ø Autonomous DB (automatic self tuning) Ø Fast High Availability Community Core PostgreSQL Hyperscale MySQL Hyperscale Ø Support larger node sizes (storage) Ø Expansion of use case Ø PL/pgSQL push-downs Ø Write scale out (MX) Ø Storage scale out Ø Instant read replica scale-out Ø Low latency Azure Platform A Z U R E A R C Azure Integrations
  16. Learn more… Session ID Session Topic THR2124 Running Postgres at

    scale on-premises and in the cloud BRK2064 Why developers love Postgres THR2120 Deploy an app in Azure Kubernetes and App Services with MySQL THR2123 Why enterprises are moving from Oracle to Azure Postgres BRK3019 Migrate or build internet-scale applications using MySQL
  17. Documentation and resources Resources / URL Infopedia Landing page http://aka.ms/ossdb

    MySQL homepage MariaDB homepage PostgreSQL homepage http://aka.ms/mysql http://aka.ms/mariadb http://aka.ms/postgresql MySQL documentation MariaDB documentation PostgreSQL documentation http://aka.ms/mysqldocs http://aka.ms/mariadbdocs http://aka.ms/postgresqldocs Participate in the Early https://aka.ms/hybrid-data-services Ask Questions: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]