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AzureBootcamp2022: Azure@REGA by Georg Hauzenberger & Stephan Graber

AzureBootcamp2022: Azure@REGA by Georg Hauzenberger & Stephan Graber

This session is one of the sessions of Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2022.

Everybody is familiar with Rega, the Swiss Air Rescue Service. They offer 24/7 air assistance in medical emergencies and operate 17'000 missions every year.In this session, Georg, who is responsible all the applications related to helicopter rescue operations, their mission control system and the Rega-App, shows us what their journey into the cloud looks like. He will shed some light on their decision making processes. Why cloud? And why Azure? And what is their vision? He got answers. Stephan and his company GrabX support Rega on their way to the Azure Cloud. He will provide us with some insights related to their steps into the public cloud and show us what they are currently working on.
🙂 STEPHAN GRABER ⚡️ Partner @ GrabX Solutions
🙂 GEORG HAUZENBERGER ⚡️ Agile Transformation and Project Manager @ Rega

Check out Georg at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/georg-hauzenberger-767a4894/
Check out Stephan at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephan-graber-945324178/

Azure Zurich User Group

May 10, 2022

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  1. Azure @ Rega How the Cloud helps us rescue people

    – all year round Georg Hauzenberger, Project Manager, Swiss Air-Rescue Rega Stephan Graber, Cloud Architect, GrabX Solutions 10.05.2022
  2. A call is made to Rega’s operations centre …

  3. A rescue helicopter is alerted …

  4. The helicopter is on the way to the mission location

  5. The crew receives the pick-up point for an ARS rescue

    specialist …
  6. The rescue specialist is taken aboard …

  7. … and finally, the person in distress can be hoisted

  8. - 8 - A few words about me, Georg Hauzenberger:

  9. - 9 - A few words about me, Stephan Graber

  10. Do we even need IT in helicopter rescue? Azure @

    Rega - 10 - Helicopter Rescue Process Person in Distress Ops Centre EPDR Helicopter Crews Ground-based Rescuers
  11. Principles for digital transformation projects Azure @ Rega - 11

    - 1 Design End-to-End 2 Keep IT Simple 3 Unambiguous, Transparent State 4 Consider Ergonomics 5 Measure to Improve
  12. What is our vision? Azure @ Rega - 12 -

    As a member of the rescue team, I want to have full situational awareness without media discontinuities, so that I can quickly and safely administer (medical) care to a person in distress. As a helicopter crew member and/or ground- based rescuer, I want to be alarmed with maximum information as fast as possible, so that I can quickly and safely get to a person in distress.
  13. Our newest mobile-apps Azure @ Rega - 13 - ARMC

    Rega-App V3.0 RegaDA
  14. A few anecdotes about our journey Azure @ Rega -

    14 - § Recently, we added some new field to ARS’s rescuer management: § Introduction of ARMC lead to a few rescuers having a smartphone below their Christmas tree J § The best place on a Rega base for testing RegaDA is in the restroom …
  15. And behold some of our webapps Azure @ Rega -

    15 - RegaDA Web Application ARMC Web Application
  16. So – what role does the Cloud play in all

    of this? Azure @ Rega - 16 - Agile projects need flexible infrastructure Cloud enables true resilience Using Cloud resources makes IT services transparent We care about OPEX J
  17. Which applications do we have in the Cloud? Azure @

    Rega - 17 - …
  18. 1 8 Azure Landing Zone / Governance Networking – Hub

    & Spoke Identity Management (Azure AD) Azure Governance Microsoft Defender for Cloud / Azure Policies
  19. 1 9 Lesson Learned / Landing Zone ExpressRoute & Azure

    VPN Network Security Groups NAT Rules never put source on any
  20. 2 0 Infrastructure as Code Source Repository Security Improvements Deployment

  21. 2 1 RegaDA Digitales Aufgebot WAF onPrem Systems

  22. 2 2 Lesson Learned / RegaDA Traffic Manager switch Container

    Instances in vNet do not support LoadBalancer Application Gateway does not support active / passive scenarios
  23. 2 3 Rega App RegaApp Backend onPrem Systems

  24. 2 4 Lesson Learned / RegaDA Application Gateway Integration in

    AKS Infrastructure as Code is key Kubernetes RBAC with Azure AD
  25. 2 5 Geostore Applications

  26. 2 6 Lesson Learned / Geostore Azure Functions VNET Integration

    only with Premium Plans SMB Filesshares cannot be accessed out of Sandbox
  27. Next Azure Backlog Items

  28. 2 8 Helicopter positions

  29. 2 9 Azure virtual WAN Rega Center Rega Base Rega

    Base Azure vWAN
  30. None