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FITC 2016: Think of Look

Baku Hashimoto
December 21, 2022

FITC 2016: Think of Look


“Look” is a term used in the film-making industry and means an entire atmosphere consisting of color tone, grains, lighting, and all other factors in a frame.

Thanks to today’s powerful and convenient tools, an area of graphic representation for movies, web, and even interactive design shows significant development while these tools unconsciously add “Look” some certain similarities with their design concepts and limitations.

Considering the environment, I would like to pick some ideas from my experience and discuss how to hack tools or systems and control glitches to design “Look,” which remains in viewers' memory.

Five things audience members will learn:

1. Usage of Photoshop’s unfamiliar layer modes
2. The fun of reading Wikipedia
3. Not relying too much on representative expressions
4. Designing from the workflow
5. Love for tools

Baku Hashimoto

December 21, 2022


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