Ein Security Bitte

C7bf554286ede7cb2786b5b19649c19b?s=47 Bea Hughes
October 23, 2014

Ein Security Bitte

DevOps Days Berlin 2014

Video at http://vimeo.com/album/3093746/video/110133596

"So you've bought yourselves a top of the line devops appliance. Everything is great. But, from what you've heard from Twitter, the next thing you need is a security. My talk is about the next steps. To get from zero to well at least better than most of the industry.

Security from the application side, the CI/CD side, and the network/infrastructure end. Topics such as

making builds more trustworthy.
IDS that isn't a complete waste of €100,000.
detect XSS with this one weird trick.
the one firewall per child project.
They'll be humour, cat GIFs and some cool technical ideas."


Bea Hughes

October 23, 2014