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Expanding Your Backpack with Windows Azure Storage

2fe25ed02be4df187d0bcc0ec511614b?s=47 Ben Gavin
August 14, 2013

Expanding Your Backpack with Windows Azure Storage

Is your development toolset ready for the cloud? Windows Azure provides a solid set of storage technologies that, when used properly, can open the door for new experiences within your applications. In this session, we'll walk through a series of sample usage scenarios that leverage Blobs, Tables and Queues to enhance the user experience for a sample Windows 8 store application. We'll talk about how you can structure your data to take best advantage of the storage types that Windows Azure provides, and how to avoid some common pitfalls that can prevent Windows Azure from helping you deliver on your reliability and scalability goals. By the end of the session, you should have some concrete ideas on how you can leverage Windows Azure storage technologies to make your applications and services great.


Ben Gavin

August 14, 2013


  1. EXPANDING YOUR BACKPACK with Windows Azure Storage Ben Gavin Aug

    12, 2013
  2. • Opportunity Statement • Blob Storage • Storage Queues •

    Table Storage • What’s Next? • Q & A AGENDA

  4. Blob Table Queue Blob Table Queue Pictures / Video Blob

    Table Queue Pictures / Video X X Blob Table Queue Pictures / Video X X Statistics Blob Table Queue Pictures / Video X X Statistics X X X Blob Table Queue Pictures / Video X X Statistics X X X Roaming Data NEW FEATURES Blob Table Queue Pictures / Video X X Statistics X X X Roaming Data X X X

  6. • Container / Blob • Blob Types – Page –

    Block • Metadata BLOB STORAGE BASICS

  8. • Everyone likes graphs • Everyone wants access to their

    data – … from anywhere • You want access to everyone’s data – Driving new features – Identify additional opportunity STATISTICS / ROAMING DATA
  9. OUR DOMAIN Team Game Position Player Statistic Game Position

  10. • Post File to Blob Storage • Post Message to

    Processing Queue • Read Message from Result Queue GETTING IT OUT THERE
  11. • FIFO – Up to 64K / message – Peek/Get/Add/Update/Delete

    – 7 day max TTL • After TTL … ** poof ** STORAGE QUEUES

  13. • Set of Property/Value Pairs • The ‘Big 3’ Properties

    • Features – Optimistic Concurrency – Projection – Batches / Transations – Multiple Entity Types / Table TABLE STORAGE

  15. • Best Practices • Security • Performance / Scale •

    Storage Client 2.1+ WHAT’S NEXT?
  16. Q & A

  17. August 11th – 13th 2014 Same Place, Same Time

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  19. THANKS FOR ATTENDING Visit Skyline’s booth for your chance to

    win a Surface Pro! My contact information: BGavin@skylinetechnologies.com ben@virtual-olympus.com @virtualolympus