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Exercises for Patterns in Recordings

Exercises for Patterns in Recordings

from DHOxSS 2015-16

Ben Fields

July 05, 2016

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  1. Patterns in Recording - Exercises Ben Fields

  2. WEKA basics • Launch the WEKA Application • Select ‘Explorer’

    • Load ’50_weka_class_labeled.arff’ • Select various Attributes (features)
  3. WEKA basics • Attribute selection with regular expressions (‘.*’ is

    an expanding wild card) • Find all the MFCC attributes • also select ‘CLASS’ • press ‘Invert’, then ‘Remove’
  4. using a classifier • Select ‘Classify’ tab • ‘Choose’ >>

    ‘classifiers/bayes/ NaiveBayes’ • set test options to ‘Cross-validation’ • press ‘Start’
  5. putting it all together • now repeat the whole process

    using LPC features
  6. Explore more files and features • Load ‘training_data_after_parsing.arff’ • Classify

    against the CLASS mood labels using Random Forests and J48. Which performs better? Which classes are most confused?