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A Vision for Research Services at the UCR Library

A Vision for Research Services at the UCR Library

Job talk given at the University of California-Riverside, December 2016.


Brianna Marshall

December 06, 2016


  1. Brianna Marshall | University of Wisconsin | December 6, 2016

    A Vision for Research S e r v i c e s at the UCR L i b r a r y
  2. Image courtesy of Flickr user collegelibrary (CC BY)

  3. research is changing. •  Multi-institutional •  Grant-funded •  Shared infrastructure

    •  Computationally driven Image courtesy of #wocintechchat
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  5. mapping research services to the research lifecycle

  6. https://innoscholcomm.silk.co/page/Open-Science digging into researcher workflows

  7. understanding research needs across user groups •  Undergraduate students • 

    Graduate students •  Postdocs/fellows •  Academic staff •  Early career faculty •  Teaching faculty (adjunct) •  Mid-career faculty •  Late career faculty
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    crafting services to meet the needs of a diverse academic community
  9. Image courtesy of mundoo (CC BY NC) finding new ways

    to share + frame our services
  10. key aspects of a research services department •  Offer research

    support in person and online •  Training and professional development for librarians •  Thoughtful partnerships + collaborations What does that look like?
  11. offer research support in person and online 1)

  12. expert consultations + guidance •  Foundation of user data and

    user needs •  Disentangling reference as a place vs. reference as a service •  Consider within broader context of library service points and spaces –  Tiered model of research support –  Co-located with other service providers, if feasible
  13. None
  14. http://iub.libcal.com/calendar/scholarscommons/

  15. https://www.library.wisc.edu/steenbock/spaces/biocommons/

  16. digital project planning Image courtesy of Flickr user dianasch (CC

    BY NC ND)
  17. digital project planning Image courtesy of Flickr user dianasch (CC

    BY NC ND) •  Grant funding •  Collaboration tools •  Data management •  Research impact •  Access + discovery •  Preservation (project management)
  18. Original clipart from http://cliparts.co/clipart/2532461. Modified version made available as CC0.

  19. [ retraction watch.com ]

  20. researchdata.wisc.edu

  21. expert consultations + guidance digital project planning research data management

    (etc.) Image courtesy of Flickr user shereen84 (CC BY NC ND)
  22. Image courtesy of Instagram user lilothehusky

  23. training + professional development for librarians 2)

  24. host a reading group

  25. None
  26. speaker series

  27. p a r t n e r s h i

    p s + collaborations 3)
  28. library partnerships

  29. None
  30. http://winedarksea.org/?p=1799 text + data mining

  31. campus partnerships

  32. data information literacy

  33. None
  34. Research Project Resource Guide: rprg.wisc.edu/

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  36. what does s u c c e s s look

  37. None
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  39. + + S T A F F + + 1

    •  Embrace change + uncertainty •  Masters of outreach who explore new ways to connect with researchers •  Readily work in cross-functional teams or clusters to further projects •  Possess a strong understanding of: ü  Research lifecycle ü  Researcher needs + workflows (by discipline, user group) ü  The “sticks and carrots” of research ü  Project management
  40. + + S P A C E S + +

    2 •  Creative rethinking of staffing and service points •  Encouraging creativity and play •  Reiterating our commitment to diversity and inclusion •  Thinking beyond the library too!
  41. + + S E R V I C E S

    + + 3 •  Alignment with university and library strategic objectives •  Researcher-focused •  Informed by continuous assessment •  Ready to try, fail (+ pivot)
  42. Brianna Marshall Digital Curation Coordinator Lead, Research Data Services University

    of Wisconsin researchdata.wisc.edu @UWMadRschSvcs thank you!