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Modern Memorykeeping: From Digital to Tangible

64ae9936d30bfe1f029b7e3fa1be486a?s=47 Brianna Marshall
May 13, 2016

Modern Memorykeeping: From Digital to Tangible

Presentation given at the Personal Digital Archiving conference community panel, Ann Arbor District Library.


Brianna Marshall

May 13, 2016


  1. m o d e r n m e m o

    r y k e e p i n g : f r o m d i g i t a l t o t a n g i b l e Brianna Marshall | @notsosternlib | University of Wisconsin
  2. About Me Brianna Marshall Digital Curation Coordinator Lead, Research

    Data Services University of Wisconsin
  3. memory keeping origins

  4. AOL cds

  5. hand transcribed text messages Image courtesy of Flickr user niftynotebooks

    (CC BY NC)
  6. Image courtesy of Flickr user drh (CC BY NC ND)

    and a lot of random ephemera
  7. None
  8. None
  9. you feel overwhelmed so you procrastinate feeling generally dissatisfied (but

    it’s never an urgent priority)
  10. Image courtesy of Flickr user anotherphotograph (CC BY SA)

  11. None
  12. Image courtesy of Flickr user bethscupham (CC BY)

  13. picking something doing it and feeling like it’s enough.

  14. UW Digital Collections item S09310, Ava L Cochrane scrapbook

  15. priorities workflows e n e r g y

  16. Image courtesy of Flickr user lukew (CC BY) we are

    all generating more digital stuff than ever before.
  17. do something with your stuff that allows it to be

  18. dig deeper

  19. prioritize

  20. creativity s h a r i n g r e

    c o r d s
  21. get organized Image courtesy of Flickr user winemegup (CC BY

    NC ND)
  22. Image courtesy of Flickr user marcusspisske (CC BY) throw stuff

  23. amberphotographics,.com video/how-scan-old-colour-slides-3417402/ be picky!

  24. low hanging fruit

  25. Image courtesy of Flickr user 01j (CC BY NC ND)

  26. Image courtesy of Flickr user foshydog (CC BY NC ND)

    one bite at a time
  27. None
  28. Image courtesy of Flickr user moriahgirl457 (CC BY NC ND)

  29. Project Life a l b u m s A r

    t i f a c t U p r i s i n g a l b u m s One Second E v e r y d a y v i d e o s
  30. 1 photo albums

  31. None
  32. about project life •  System for organizing and documenting, primarily

    through photos but also ephemera •  Standard components: 12x12 album, plastic pockets, card inserts, plus additional extras •  Physical or digital options •  Fun, active community
  33. None
  34. None
  35. None

  37. None
  38. 2 photo books

  39. None
  40. about artifact uprising •  “Inspired by the disappearing beauty of

    the tangible.” •  Easy to use book editor •  Social media import options •  Comparable photo book companies: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Chatbook, Blurb
  41. None
  42. None
  43. 3 video compilations

  44. None
  45. about 1SE •  “A minimalist video diary.” •  $5 app

    for IOS or Android •  Easy interface for selecting your daily second •  You can cheat (highly recommended) •  This app is AMAZING!
  46. None
  47. None
  48. learn more •  Project Life: •  Artifact Uprising:

    •  1 Second Everyday:
  49. recommended resources Project Photo Rescue (PL): rescue/ LoC Digital

    Preservation blog: PetaPixel:
  50. thanks for listening! Brianna Marshall @notsosternlib