Provisioning virtualized infrastructure with Gradle

Provisioning virtualized infrastructure with Gradle

Server infrastructure and configuration plays a crucial role in every build pipeline. It provides the runtime environment for your application and is used as basis for automated acceptance and exploratory testing. Managing infrastructure manually is time-consuming and error-prone. Virtualization helps to provide a repeatable, "production-like" environment. In this talk, we'll discuss how Gradle integrates with popular tools for creating virtual machines (VMs) as part of a standardized deployment and release process.

The main focus of this session lies on the creation and integration of VMs in the context of Continuous Delivery. We'll look at issues such as creating VM images, bootstrapping a VM as part of your build lifecycle as well as executing functional and smoke tests against a running instance. We'll round out this talk by modeling these steps as orchestrated jobs on a Continuous Integration server.


Benjamin Muschko

June 13, 2014