Testing the build with TestKit

Testing the build with TestKit

Build code contributes to the success of a company to a large extent. It enables an organization to deliver their software to the end user fast, frequently and reliably. With Continuous Delivery becoming a standard practice throughout the industry and build logic increasing in complexity, a need arises to verify the logic powering these processes. Gradle provides powerful support for testing build code out-of-the-box. In this demo-driven session, we will discuss the ins and outs of TestKit, a Gradle core library that helps with functional testing of build logic.

In the course of this talk, we’ll touch on aspects such as:

– Setting up TestKit for a build
– Executing a build with a specific Gradle distribution
– Asserting expected build outcome and output
– Verifying proper runtime behavior of custom plugins and extensions
– Cross-version testing of builds
– Debugging test execution in the IDE


Benjamin Muschko

June 25, 2016