How to look like a model? MongoDB for Rails apps

How to look like a model? MongoDB for Rails apps

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Anna Bulenkova

September 10, 2013


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    # The band document. { "_id" : ObjectId("4d3ed089fb60ab534684b7e9"), "tag_ids" :

    [ ObjectId("4d3ed089fb60ab534684b7f2") ] } # The tag document. { "_id" : ObjectId("4d3ed089fb60ab534684b7f2"), "band_ids" : [ ObjectId("4d3ed089fb60ab534684b7e9") ] } Friday, October 25, 13
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    MongoDB does not have support for traditional locking or complex

    transactions with rollback. MongoDB aims to be lightweight, fast, and predictable in its performance. This is similar to the MySQL MyISAM autocommit model. By keeping transaction support extremely simple, MongoDB can provide greater performance especially for partitioned or replicated systems with a number of database server processes. Friday, October 25, 13
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    Side effects may include... Problems working on 32-bit, large data

    storage problems, write falures, no error value return, sophicticated schema design, limited update operation, case sensitive queries, type sensitive fields, write locks, replica sets restrictions, unexpected data loss, sharding size limitations, no transactions, nausea, going back to RDBMS Friday, October 25, 13