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The Zit

Ce5af1eb7b154e0c58dbc377c4264a7a?s=47 Brisa
January 15, 2022

The Zit

Middle schooler Lucas deals with a large pimple on his face, that can talk.



January 15, 2022


  1. None
  2. None
  3. *Yawn*

  4. None
  5. None
  6. None
  7. Lucas: AHHHHHHH

  8. Lucas: What are you doing on my face??

  9. Pimple: You tell me you, didn’t wash your face last

  10. Lucas: I can’t go to school like this.. I’m going

    to pop you!
  11. Pimple: Wait please no i’ll die! I’m a smart pimple,

    I can help you in school!
  12. Lucas: Ugh, I’m already late, fine.

  13. Lucas: I will have to cover you up though….

  14. Lucas: Hmmm….

  15. None
  16. Lucas: Perfect!

  17. None
  18. Pimple: It’s hot under here….

  19. Lucas: Shhhh, be quiet!

  20. None
  21. Pimple: Psst… it’s 22.

  22. Lucas: Hey, thanks!

  23. Girl: Why do you have a band-aid on your forehead?

  24. Lucas: Uhhhhhh

  25. Lucas: I got into a fight…

  26. Lucas: Yeah, a fight!

  27. Lucas: I took on three guys, beat them all up

    except one got this hit on me right-
  28. Lucas: here.

  29. Pimple: Liar.

  30. *SMACK*

  31. None
  32. None
  33. None
  34. Lucas: You just have to ruin everything!

  35. Lucas: My face, my day-

  36. Lucas: My social life!

  37. Lucas: Everyone thinks I’m weirder than they even thought.

  38. Pimple: Blah blah blah, stop being such a big babyyyyy.

  39. Lucas: That’s it! You’re getting popped.

  40. Pimple: Wait no I’m sorry!

  41. Pimple: I was just joking!

  42. Pimple: This is murder!!!

  43. *door opens*

  44. None
  45. Friend: Hey-

  46. None
  47. None
  48. None
  49. Lucas: *Gasp*

  50. Lucas: You have a pimple too!

  51. Friend: Yeah everyone gets them from time to time.

  52. Friend: To help.

  53. Lucas: Thanks!

  54. Pimple: Hey wait you’re just gonna trust this guy?

  55. Pimple: I thought we were homies what-

  56. Pimple: hmph hmph!

  57. *Poof!*

  58. Lucas: Hey guys what did I miss?

  59. Girl: Just going over the answers, did you guys see…

  60. Girl: *muffled talking continues*

  61. Pimple: Psssst.

  62. Pimple: Did ya miss me kid?