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Extremely Powerful Local WordPress Development with Vagrant and Friends - WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014

Brad Parbs
August 16, 2014

Extremely Powerful Local WordPress Development with Vagrant and Friends - WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014

If you’re developing anything for yourself or for clients, you want to develop locally. This prevents disasters, allows you to develop more quickly, and a lot more benefits.

By using Vagrant and its friends, you can easily create a super-powerful local development toolkit just like the pros.

In this talk, we’ll walk through all of the benefits of Vagrant, how to easily get it setup, and the wide range of complementary tools and process you can add to your workflow to become a local development master.

Brad Parbs

August 16, 2014

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  1. (and it has some real neat friends)

  2. I’m Brad Parbs • Developer @ WebDevStudios • Plugin /

    Theme Author • Tweet crappy things @bradparbs • Push code to github.com/bradp • Collect gifs at http://gifsb.in • Probably have a website somewhere
  3. Let’s talk about local development environments.

  4. So, what’s Vagrant? Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable

    development environments.
  5. I ♥ Vagrant & its friends. • Easy WPCLI! •

    Setting up sites super fast! • Always up-to-date! • No more MAMP! • Keeps your system clean
  6. wp cli

  7. What can you do with WPCLI? $ wp core update

    ! $ wp plugin install logout-roulette! $ wp scaffold post-type books
  8. Setting up sites super easily

  9. Scripting on setup • Auto-create Sublime project • Add to

    Sourcetree • Open in Chrome • Anything you can imagine
  10. Installing Vagrant • Any OS works! • Install VirtualBox (4.2.x

    or 4.3.6 recommended by VVV) • Install Vagrant http://www.vagrantup.com/downloads.html https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
  11. How does it actually work though? • VirtualBox runs a

    VM • Vagrant manages it
  12. How to use (without VVV) • Clone a box •

    Start up a virtual machine • Use it! • Pause / Destroy it anytime
  13. Commands $ vagrant init $ vagrant up $ vagrant halt

    $ vagrant destroy $ vagrant provision $ vagrant ssh
  14. Varying Vagrant Vagrants “Varying Vagrant Vagrants is an evolving Vagrant

    configuration focused on WordPress development.”
  15. Installation $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater $ git clone git://github.com/Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV.git

    $ cd VVV $ vagrant up
  16. Sites VVV creates for you

  17. http://local.wordpress.dev/ for WordPress stable

  18. http://local.wordpress-trunk.dev/ for WordPress trunk

  19. http://src.wordpress-develop.dev/ for trunk WordPress development files

  20. http://build.wordpress-develop.dev/ for the version of those development files built with

  21. http://vvv.dev/ Default dashboard containing several useful tools: PHPmyAdmin, OPCache, links

    to all sites, etc
  22. Helpful aliases $ alias v=vagrant $ alias vp="vagrant provision" $

    alias vup="vagrant up && vagrant provision && vagrant ssh"
  23. Other things • Prefer Apache? https://github.com/ericmann/vvv-apache

  24. Scripting Site Setup https://github.com/varying-vagrant-vagrants/vvv/wiki/Auto-site-Setup (demo of da codes)

  25. VVV Site Wizard https://github.com/aliso/vvv-site-wizard

  26. Installation • Clone https://github.com/aliso/vvv-site-wizard • Add to your PATH •

    Run it when you’re in a VVV directory
  27. How does it work? Gives you a super helpful “$

    vvv create” command
  28. Commands • vvv create (or make or new) [site] •

    vvv delete ( or rm or teardown) [site] • vvv list
  29. vvv create • vvv create • asks you for directory

    name • asks you for local domain to use • Does all the boring vagrant file setup
  30. None
  31. None
  32. Modifications • Easily add more questions to site-setup • Git

    repo to clone to wp-content • Database to import • Whether or not to import placeholder content • Create Sublime project files • Bookmark in SourceTree
  33. More Modifications • vvv o [site] • Opens Sublime Project

    files • Opens local domain in browser • Opens git repo in SourceTree
  34. Developer Workflow (live demo ?)

  35. New Project / Site

  36. Existing Project / Site $ vvv open [site]

  37. More Tips and Tricks • Anything you do that’s repetitive,

    script it! • Learn to love ‘vagrant provision’
  38. None