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Twitter for Professionals in Biomedical Research

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September 21, 2012

Twitter for Professionals in Biomedical Research

Made for the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research by Brian Glanz @brianglanz, with this we held a workshop in three parts. 1: training "From Zero to Twitter," 2: a panel discussion "Crisis and Controversy, How Not to Go Viral," and 3: "Proving Twitter is Worth Your Time" on altmetrics including those of the day. The hashtag was #sharebr for 'share biomedical research'. CC BY-SA 3.0 with credit in this version given to @jamesian @jchowning @UWMedicineNews @seattlechildren @LizNeeley @nswa @NerdyChristie @augustmuench @alokjha @JenEDavison @BoraZ @eysenbach @genegeek @Comprendia @mrgunn @maentis @researchremix @jasonpriem @sciencebase @CameronNeylon @jranganathan @openscience, et al. due.



September 21, 2012


  1. Twitter, What You Need to Know

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  4. Where do you get information on specific scientific issues? Where

    do you get most of your news about national and international issues?
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  6. Let them tweat cake! Why should scientists use Twitter?

  7. for discovery and discussion...

  8. for peeking into somewhere you’re not...

  9. for outreach and feedback...

  10. for outreach and feedback...

  11. from a neuroscientist at the University of Oxford...

  12. How should scientists use Twitter? Twitter 101

  13. Twitter 101

  14. Twitter 101

  15. Twitter 101

  16. Open Access + Social Media #FTW 2,446

  17. Proposed Twitter-Based Metrics for Social Impact Twimpact Factor, e.g. tw7

    Tweeted Half-Life Twindex
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  19. from profiles of members of NWABR on Twitter

  20. Anybody out there?

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  22. For a conference or event.

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  24. A popular tweet

  25. Bring an event to life online

  26. Bring an event to life online

  27. Announcements

  28. Annotation

  29. Attribution

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  31. Smart Sharing

  32. Smart Sharing

  33. Google Analytics

  34. Google Analytics

  35. Google Analytics

  36. ¡Thank You!

  37. ¡Thank You! Appendices, Bibliography, Credits