Twitter for Professionals in Biomedical Research

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September 21, 2012

Twitter for Professionals in Biomedical Research

Made for the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research by Brian Glanz @brianglanz, with this we held a workshop in three parts. 1: training "From Zero to Twitter," 2: a panel discussion "Crisis and Controversy, How Not to Go Viral," and 3: "Proving Twitter is Worth Your Time" on altmetrics including those of the day. The hashtag was #sharebr for 'share biomedical research'. CC BY-SA 3.0 with credit in this version given to @jamesian @jchowning @UWMedicineNews @seattlechildren @LizNeeley @nswa @NerdyChristie @augustmuench @alokjha @JenEDavison @BoraZ @eysenbach @genegeek @Comprendia @mrgunn @maentis @researchremix @jasonpriem @sciencebase @CameronNeylon @jranganathan @openscience, et al. due.



September 21, 2012