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Magical Difficulties

Magical Difficulties

A storyboard sequence about a court mage slowly losing her mind while her friend watches.



May 23, 2022


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  12. Dialog Tamager: Hey, hey, Valda!

  13. Dialog Tanager: Sorry for just letting myself in, but I

    came up with another composition!
  14. Dialog Tanager: I wanted to get a second pair of

    ears on it, so I thought I'd pay you a visit!
  15. Dialog Tanager: Figured you might...ah...

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  18. Dialog Tanager: ...Warming up the room a bit, I see!

  19. Dialog Tanager: I must say, your workshop always struck me

    as being rather gloomy; it's almost pleasant to see it lit up like this.
  20. Dialog Tanager: A dash of color's always a nice change

    of p- Valda: Tanager. Get out.
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  22. Dialog Tanager: ...pardon me, am I interrupting something? Valda: Just

    get out.
  23. Dialog Tanager: Ohh, I'm not just going to buzz off

    like that!
  24. Dialog Tanager: There's something up right? Come on, you can

    tell me.
  25. Dialog Tanager: If it's anything confidential, I won't sing about

  26. Dialog Tanager: If it's anything confidential, I won't sing about

  27. Dialog Tanager: Or perhaps a bit of feedback? I know

    I'm not the best with magic, but perhaps you could still go through it with me?
  28. Dialog Tanager: Come on, tell me!

  29. Dialog Tanager: Valda, you can trust me.

  30. Dialog Tanager: Come on, at least do me the courtesy

    of kicking me out.
  31. Dialog Tanager: Come on, at least do me the courtesy

    of kicking me out.
  32. Dialog Tanager: Vaaaalldaaaa...

  33. Dialog Valda: Stop it!

  34. Dialog Valda: Here! Look. What do you see?

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  36. Dialog Tanager: A...flame?

  37. Dialog Tanager: That's purple?

  38. Dialog Valda: ...it's supposed

  39. Dialog Valda: ...it's supposed TO BE GREEN!

  40. Dialog Valda: Our lord hands out assignments. Mine is to

    change up the dungeon lighting.
  41. Dialog Valda: Lord suggests green. I try green.

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  46. Dialog Valda: That's CYAN.

  47. Dialog Valda: Well, then, first you don't succeed,

  48. Dialog Valda: try again, right?

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  53. Dialog Valda: THAT'S PINK.

  54. Dialog Valda: But fine, fine, maybe I'm looking at this

    the wrong way.
  55. Dialog Valda: Maybe I just need to try one more

  56. Dialog Valda: Let's

  57. Dialog Valda: Let's give it

  58. Dialog Valda: Let's give it another

  59. Dialog Valda: Let's give it another go.

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  67. Dialog Valda: Huh. 33 iterations and I haven't seen THAT

  68. Dialog Valda: ...dear gods.

  69. Dialog Tanager: I mean...

  70. Dialog Tanager: ...these colors are all very nice.

  71. Dialog Valda: It's not green! Green is basic, is it

  72. Dialog Valda: Why is this so difficult for me? What

    does any of my fancy training matter if I can't do this?
  73. Dialog Valda: Look at me! Smote one dragon and tricked

    the king into thinking she was competent,
  74. Dialog Valda: now I'm court mage, and I can't even

    do the same job as a stained glass window.
  75. Dialog Valda: I'm dead, I'm so dead, he's going to

    skip firing me and go right to executions,
  76. Dialog Valda: why did I ever think I could do

    this job,
  77. Dialog Valda: he's going to fire me directly into the

    sun, mark my words, I'm dead.
  78. Dialog Tanager: We haven't had an execution in centuries.

  79. Dialog Tanager: We haven't had an execution in centuries.

  80. Dialog Valda: Maybe he'll make an exception for me, who

    knows, a girl can dream.
  81. Dialog Tanager: ...You're off to a great start, you know?

    If you could take down a dragon, you can take down this assignment! You'll knock it out of the park.
  82. Dialog Valda: or i'll be knocked out of the park.

  83. None
  84. Dialog Tanager: Well, I did say I came around to

    play you a song. Think it'd help take your mind off of things?
  85. Dialog Valda: ...Yeah, sure. Tanager: Alright!

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  88. Dialog Valda: ...A bit...silly again, isn't it?

  89. Dialog Tanager: Ah, probably. We'll see how it sounds a

    few more drafts down the line, right?
  90. Dialog Valda: ...Hm...

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