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Nodejs Backend Development: Things to care about

Nodejs Backend Development: Things to care about

Burhanuddin Ahmed

March 03, 2023

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  1. Code Structure Framework like Express and Fastify has no fixed

    structure. - MVC - Model, View, Controller
  2. Use .env The dotenv helps to keep sensitive information secure

    and allows you to manage and use these variables in a consistent and organized way.
  3. Proper URL convention 1. POST /users 2. POST /users/create 3.

    POST /create-user 4. POST /create_user 5. POST /create-new_user1 6. POST /CreateUserV2 7. POST /Lets-Create-new_User
  4. Memory Leak a memory leak is an allocated piece of

    memory that the JavaScript engine is unable to reclaim.
  5. Testing Making sure you are confident before shipping your product.

    - Unit testing - Integration testing - Jest - Mocha - Chai