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FinancialForce DevTalks: Siesta Testing

FinancialForce DevTalks: Siesta Testing


Chris Peterson

January 14, 2015

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  1. Siesta on Force.com Making your pages testable Chris Peterson Sr.

    Software Engineer FinancialForce.com
  2. Shrink Resource Siesta download is >5MB (static resource limit)

  3. Requires ExtJs • from CDN (use cachefly for HTTPS support)

    ◦ Sencha CDN is HTTP only, won't load right on modern browsers inside HTTPS-only visualforce ◦ Use cachefly - same URL structure but with HTTPS • from static resource ◦ Size limits issues? Only requires ▪ /resources ▪ ext-all.js
  4. Test Harness • Load tests from localhost or static resources

    • Siesta is bound by same-origin, like all js ◦ So make sure the harness is a visualforce page
  5. Working with Visualforce • Use apex:actionStatus with waitForElementNotVisible • Set

    separateContext : true in test definition ◦ Prevents page rerenders breaking your test chains ◦ Or use well-scoped rerender on all actions • [Soon] AJAX toolkit for test setup/teardown
  6. Visualforce element ids aren't reliable If you don't specify an

    Id If you do
  7. data-tid used as a target for tests instead of id

    If you use siesta's recorder set it to use these instead of Id: This passes through to the generated HTML as: data-tid="input-accountName"
  8. • Visualforce doesn't give you an index inside repeat and

    table elements. • data-tid really needs to be unique for our tests • Old pages can be apex:variable as a counter, but that broke in Sprint '12 (or somewhere around there) • There's a trick that's not too disruptive: make an array of array indexes and iterate on that Visualforce Iteration
  9. Iterate a what now? More details:bit.ly/vf-table-index

  10. What just doesn't work • *.salesforce.com pages all contain anti-

    iframe code and won't run in siesta • Clickjack protection option for visualforce can be problematic. • Cross-namespace testing won't work: different subdomains
  11. Coming Soon Once a bug is fixed: invoke the salesforce

    AJAX toolkit for test setup. Once I write the feature request: invoke the AJAX toolkit for test cleanup.
  12. Sample test data setup Running anonymous apex for test setup

  13. FAQ Where can I see your code? https://github.com/capeterson/Siesta-DevTalk Where can

    I get these slides? https://speakerdeck.com/ca_peterson