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Switch it up with Apex - TrailheadX 2018

Switch it up with Apex - TrailheadX 2018

Chris Peterson

March 28, 2018

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  2. Chris Peterson Senior Product Manager @ca_peterson Principal Engineer Jim Spagnola

    Senior Engineer @anand13s Anand Subramanian Insert photo here Insert photo here Insert photo here
  3. Why we picked Switch • 17,000 Idea Exchange Points •

    Simplifies long if/else logic chains • Improve trigger flow with help of context enum • Most popular languages have some form of switching/pattern matching • Show off the new compiler
  4. Values and Obstacles • Values ◦ Reduce code duplication ◦

    Support Enums, String, Integer, Long ◦ Handle fields over polymorphic SObject types ◦ Familiar to developers from all background ◦ Leave the opportunity to expand Switch • Obstacles ◦ Case isn’t a keyword in Apex ◦ Why isn't it exactly like Java? No, I mean exactly.
  5. switch on i { when 2, 3, 4 { System.debug('case

    2 and 3 and 4'); } when 5, 6 { System.debug('case 5 and 6'); } when 7 { System.debug('case 7'); } when else { System.debug('default'); } } Behold Switch
  6. switch on i { when 2, 3, 4 { System.debug('case

    2 and 3 and 4'); } when 5, 6 { System.debug('case 5 and 6'); } when 7, 2 { // not allowed System.debug('case 7'); } when else { System.debug('default'); } } Switch Syntax
  7. • List contains() / indexOf() 1,190 points Spring • Switch

    17,000 points Summer • Count SOQL count() as a single row query 6,800 points Summer • Get RecordTypeInfo by API name 4,900 points Summer True to the Core
  8. Performance Improvements! • Faster apex test runs as part of

    metadata deployments ◦ Especially if you use declarative customization tooling - like Flow • Up to 20% faster test runs by skipping code coverage collection • Compile on deploy ◦ Avoid "cold cache" of Apex bytecode after deployments or package install ◦ Enabled in production orgs ◦ Optional for others (scratch orgs, sandboxes, etc)
  9. Secure development Inspired by community-developed security-enforcing query builders fflib_QueryFactory qf

    = new fflib_QueryFactory(Contact.SObjectType) .assertIsAccessible() //CRUD check on Contact //for fields shown to a user - we need to check FLS .setEnforceFLS(true) .selectField('Description') //FLS checked //disable FLS enforcement - we're going to use this for internal system purposes .setEnforceFLS(false) .selectField('Value__c'); List<Contact> results = Database.query(qf.toSOQL()); From: FinancialForce fflib-apex-common. On github at https://github.com/financialforcedev/fflib-apex-common
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