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Nine Patterns Among Virtuoso UX Teams

by Cameron Moll

Published May 2, 2013 in Technology

UPDATE: I've published the written version here: https://medium.com/tech-talk/3cc37252b59a

Creating and managing teams that iterate, build, and ship quality projects is one of the most challenging things to master in our industry. And to ship quickly and consistently? Even more challenging.

Drawing on interviews with teams at the likes of Twitter and Kickstarter, as well as his own background running Authentic Jobs (http://authenticjobs.com), Cameron will share several patterns that are common among great user experience teams. You’ll discover successful prototyping tools, hiring methods, the importance of establishing a strong team culture, the role of collaboration and isolation, and more. Whether you’re manager, team lead, or team member, you’ll return to work apt to craft a virtuoso UX team.

(Presentation given at Future Insights Live 2013: http://futureinsightslive.com/las-vegas-2013 )

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