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Passwords and how to handle them

D5a2aef3c745cca287ddef1948157fd3?s=47 carnage
October 01, 2016

Passwords and how to handle them

Like it or not, passwords form an essential part of nearly all user authentication systems, yet so many companies make basic mistakes when handling them. Often a password forms the only means of security for a user's account on multiple different websites so we all have a responsibility to handle this data properly.

During this talk I will go over some of the common mistakes people make surrounding password policies and elaborate on the golden rules for storing them securely.



October 01, 2016

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  1. Passwords and how to handle them Christopher Riley PHP North

    West, 2016 1
  2. Introduction

  3. 6 Rules of password storage

  4. Rule 1 We must protect passwords not just for our

    own services security but for the security of all internet services. Users reuse passwords, in an ever connected internet, the value of a password is ever increasing. 2
  5. Rule 2 We must not store plain text passwords because

    databases have a habit of falling into the wrong hands. 3
  6. Rule 3 We must not use reversible encryption because keys

    are required all the time and have a habit of falling into the same wrong hands at the same time as the database. 4
  7. Rule 4 We must not simply hash the passwords. With

    a simple hash, every password that is the same hashes to the same value an attackers work to recover the passwords is therefore greatly reduced. 5
  8. Rule 5 We must not use a hash which has

    been intentionally built for speed such as Md5, Sha1 or Sha2. Dedicated hardware and GPU’s can calculate Billions to TRILLIONS of hashes per second. Password recovery by an attacker is inevitable. 6
  9. Rule 6 We must use a hashing algorithm designed for

    password storage such as PBKDF2, Bcrypt or Argon2i with appropriate cost parameters. 7
  10. Bonus rule We may encrypt hashes. 8

  11. PHP functions 9

  12. PHP functions 10

  13. PHP functions 11

  14. Good password policies

  15. Don’t disable copy + paste

  16. Don’t force password expiry...

  17. ... Unless compromised

  18. Don’t add complex requirements

  19. Entropy 12

  20. Thanks • @giveupalready • https://github.com/carnage • https://github.com/carnage/entropy • http://joind.in/bc6b8 13