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Continuous integration, Documentation and Travis CI

Continuous integration, Documentation and Travis CI

Building docs on travis ci

Matthias Bussonnier

March 07, 2017

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  1. Continuous integration, Documentation and Travis CI The Docathon Team, Matthias

    Bussonnier March 6, 2017
  2. ME Carreau Mbussonn [email protected] Physicist Bipophysics Software (Terribheu Freignch Akheucent)

  3. Travis CI

  4. What is Travis-CI • CI stand for “Continuous Integration” •

    Can run unit-test in isolation and complain if test fail • But Travis can run almost arbitrary code ... let’s use it for documentation
  5. Why for Documentation ? • Documentation is never complete, and

    evolve with your project • Your project is (likely) already setup for Travis • One less thing to think about, or configure, keep credential.
  6. .travis.yml

  7. How ? GhPages • Commits lands on the repository. •

    Travis builds and checks the docs. • If branch is “master”, push to GitHub Pages (for example) If Master branch
  8. The tricky part • Give Credential to Travis to push

    back to GitHub • Well, obviously not in plaintext. • If you committed once as plaintext: Change it. • Use “$ travis encrypt” to encrypt ssh keys. • Don’t “echo ENCRYPTED_VARIABLE”
  9. More details • Hands on tomorrow at The Hacker Within:

    • http://www.thehackerwithin.org/berkeley/ • Every* Tuesday from 4pm to 4:30pm, Here
  10. Let’s use Magic • You likely don’t want to know

    how ssh/GitHub Api... etc. So let’s use DocTr (DOCumentation, TRavis) • Sets up credential for you • Tells you what to copy-past in travis.yml • Find the documentation folder • Push on GitHub
  11. https://github.com/drdoctr/doctr • $ pip install doctr • $ doctr configure

    • And follow instruction • Push a commit
  12. Go to https://<org>.github.io/project/docs/

  13. None
  14. ( Quick the attendees are hungry ) Questions ?