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4/8/13 Presentation

4/8/13 Presentation

Stakeholders, Root Cause Analysis, and Interview Insights


Chris Burniske

April 08, 2013


  1. None
  2. Stakeholders (extensive, and thus far, unedited brainstorm) Primary Secondary Tertiary

    Old people EPA Twitter Landlords DOE FB Property managers Energy star Other social networks Progressive Housing people (co-ops) LEED (as part of USGBC) OBAMA! Homeowners NRDC Bloggers including techies Renters w/thermostats Earth Justice Big Oil Renters w/o thermostats Angel investors Researchers Natural Resource Providers VCs Property developers Local Electricians Environmental NGOs LDCs Businesses with spaces to heat Public Welfare NGOs Social NGOs Home efficiency companies Habitat for Humanity Ecofactor employees Sierra Club NV Energy Greenpeace Comcast General contractors Farmers Architects Universities Construction workers Ecofactor product installers Local women's group Tour companies Local High Schools Tourists Local Clubs Utilities Local Newspapers Public Utilities Commissions Local TV Grid Operators Local magazines/journals City planners Congresspeople LEED Senators Renewable energy companies Mayors Tax collectors (rebates) Universities (for resource support) Professors
  3. Root Cause Analysis

  4. Root Cause Analysis

  5. Takeaways..

  6. Takeaways..

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