A Modular Framework for Image-based 3D Reconstruction

A Modular Framework for Image-based 3D Reconstruction

Talk about my Master's Thesis.

In this thesis I analyse the state of the art of Structure from Motion and
3D reconstruction algorithms to develop a framework, that improves the process of
working with these algorithms.
This framework allows reusing existing parts of a processing chain,
as well as developing new algorithms efficiently.
This is done by providing a data model and interfaces,
which allow inspection of intermediate results,
as well as reorganisation of the processing flow.

I first cover the basic principles of 3D reconstruction, and then review existing
implementations. Based on that the framework is developed to
allow the implementation of modular and flexible 3D reconstruction
processing chains.

I also show how this framework can be applied to existing problems
to quickly come to a working implementation, as it allows the user to focus
on the algorithm implementation details instead of the need to deal with
the overall processing chain design.

The implementation of the framework is released as Open Source software: https://github.com/uipf/


Carsten Brandt

May 18, 2017