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Dr Pig

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November 23, 2020

Dr Pig

"When you assume, you make Annas out of you and me."



November 23, 2020


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  6. Dialog DORIS: Do you want to share the calamari?

  7. Dialog FRANK: Hey kiddo.

  8. Dialog FRANK: What do you want for lunch?

  9. Dialog DORIS: I'll have the special of the day.

  10. Dialog FRANK: Excellent choice. The mac and cheese is delicious

    this time of year.
  11. Dialog DORIS: Hey!

  12. Dialog DORIS: Hey!

  13. Dialog DORIS: WE are not finished.

  14. Dialog DORIS: You didn't take my friend's order.

  15. None
  16. Dialog FRANK: Huh?

  17. Dialog FRANK: Huh?

  18. None
  19. None
  20. Dialog FRANK: Ah, of course.

  21. Dialog FRANK: My apologies.

  22. None
  23. Dialog FRANK: What will you be having Mr. Pig.

  24. Dialog DORIS: SHE isn't a MR.

  25. Dialog DORIS: She is a Doctor. You assumed wrong.

  26. Dialog DORIS: When you assume, you make Anna's out of

    you and me.
  27. Dialog FRANK: That's not exactly how the saying goes, but

    your right.
  28. Dialog FRANK: Dr. Pig, what will you be having?

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  31. Dialog PIG: An ass.

  32. Dialog FRANK: Wha...

  33. Dialog PIG: Doris said "Anna's" but it's "an ass."

  34. Dialog FRANK: Ta-ta-ta talking...

  35. None
  36. None
  37. Dialog PIG: The correct phrase is...

  38. Dialog PIG: "When you assume..."

  39. Dialog PIG: "You make an ASS..."

  40. Dialog PIG: "out of U..."

  41. Dialog PIG: "and ME."

  42. None
  43. Dialog PIG: Oh... and I'll have the truffles plate.

  44. Dialog PIG: Do you have corn sauce?

  45. Dialog FRANK: Ta-talking...

  46. None
  47. Dialog FRANK: Ta-talking...

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  55. Dialog DORIS: Hey, no sleeping on the job!

  56. Dialog PIG: I believe he fainted.

  57. Dialog DORIS: Is he going to be okay? Good thing

    you're a doctor.
  58. Dialog PIG: I'm not THAT kind of doctor. I have

    a PHD in economics.