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The Future of Ops Jobs (PlatformCon 2023)

The Future of Ops Jobs (PlatformCon 2023)

A lot of flamebait has been dropped about how platform engineering means that "DEVOPS IS DEAD!#@!" Stuff and nonsense. Platform engineering is what you get once you fully commit to the idea that software engineers should own their code in production. It's about the *convergence* of developers and Ops in the glorious future, where every engineer writes code and owns what they write, and the team that makes that possible: platform engineering.

Charity Majors

June 23, 2023

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  1. @mipsytipsy
    The Future of Ops Jobs
    PlatformCon 2023

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  2. @mipsytipsy


    real observability for complex systems

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  3. I was baited into
    writing this talk…
    “DevOps is Dead”

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  4. Software doesn’t die.*
    • COBOL

    • Java

    • Javascript

    • MySQL

    • Postgres

    • LISP

    • emacs

    • SQL
    • FreeBSD

    • Linux

    • IPv4

    • TCP/IP

    • png

    • gcc

    • gdb

    • elisp
    • X11

    • /proc

    • grep

    • sed/awk

    • O’Reilly books

    • bash

    • nginx

    • haproxy
    * a list of things that are not dead, all of which are older than devops

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  5. “DevOps is dead”
    is just a stupid thing to say…

    clickbait marketing🤮
    But there is a kernel of truth there
    DevOps is not eternal.

    It will be superseded.

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  6. The long arc of software careers

    Write code and

    run what you write

    Devs write code,

    Ops runs code.

    Friction ensues.

    DevOps emerges;

    devs + ops

    Empathy, #hugops blah blah

    Write code and

    run what you write

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  7. 1. Every engineer writes code.
    2. Every engineer runs the
    code that they write, and
    operates it in production.
    These days:

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  8. Systems are becoming
    rapidly more complex.
    They can only really be operated
    by the people who write them.
    And you can’t do a good job of writing them
    unless you are regularly exposed to the
    feedback loops of operating them.

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  9. Operational expertise is more critical than ever,
    but the landscape is shifting for ops jobs.
    Two big trends are converging:
    everybody writes code,
    runs the code they write
    hosted infra and tools,

    we all move up the stack

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  10. If you 🤍 operating code:
    If you 🤍 infrastructure:
    Work on IaaS, PaaS
    Work as an SRE or
    platform engineer

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  11. Platform engineering has emerged
    from this realignment.
    • Companies are shutting down their ops teams and
    outsourcing infrastructure to PaaS/IaaS/etc.

    • However, you now rely on a complex web of other
    providers, services and tools via APIs and SDKs.

    • Operational skills and software engineering skills
    are equally important for a good platform team

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  13. How to tell if your “platform engineering
    team” is really a platform team or not:
    Is the team responsible for SLOs, service
    uptime, and a reliable customer experience?
    ✅ platform team
    ⛔ platform team

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  14. Platform teams build for
    developer productivity.
    Product engineering teams
    and SREs build for external
    customer experience.

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  15. Which metrics does YOUR
    platform team care about?
    SLOs, errors, service availability,
    quality customer experience
    Time to spin up new service or
    db, or other developer workflow

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  16. If your platform team spends a lot of time
    writing software, something is wrong.

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  17. “Vendor engineering” is a large
    share of any platform team’s remit
    Cost is an essential part of
    Platform is about NOT
    having infra to run.

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  18. Learn to think and talk about the
    value of your work, in the universal
    language of business goals and $$$
    Career advice for ops engineers:
    Learn to work like a
    product team, even if you
    do ops/infra work.

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  19. The hardest part of software is operating it.
    Always has been. Always will be.

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  20. In conclusion,
    computers are
    Everything dies.
    Have fun!

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  21. Charity Majors


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