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COTTM Online - powered by TNTM

0ae1309c9c4f71a910b57a0819e1c959?s=47 COTTM 2020
November 03, 2020

COTTM Online - powered by TNTM

COTTM ONLINE is an online B2B tradeshow for the China outbound travel industry.


COTTM 2020

November 03, 2020


  1. COTTM ONLINE powered by TNTM China Outbound Travel & Tourism

    Market 2020
  2. What is COTTM Online powered by TNTM COTTM ONLINE is

    an online B2B tradeshow for the China outbound travel industry. Connects international sellers with Chinese outbound buyers on an entirely online platform. Saves on a variety of offline resources, providing many ways to promote exhibitors such as by text, pictures, video, webinars and downloading materials. Users can visit the platform easily through WeChat Miniprogram and desktop computer. No need for an exhibitor to handle traditional event logistics; no need for users to go to the exhibition hall.
  3. What Benefits Will COTTM Online Bring to Exhibitor? Promoted to

    the Chinese travel industry with COTTM online promotion plan Get to know the Chinese high-quality outbound hosted buyers in an efficient and cost- effective way. Collect business cards of visitors to your stand at the same time. Conducting online chats abroad with hosted buyers for 2 months. Booths are online for 2 months and are displayed in various forms, such as by text, pictures, video, webinar, downloaded materials and so on.
  4. What Experiences Will Exhibitors Have on COTTM? HOSTED BUYERS APPOINTMENTS

    Exhibitor can conduct an online chat with hosted buyers. Automatic translation is provided in Kankan Talk. Exhibitor can also send chat invitation to buyers/visitors. WEBINAR PRESENTATIONS Exhibitors can conduct live online presentations to introduce products and services to trade visitors. TRADE DATA COLLECTION Showcase your products to the travel trade and collect extensive trade partner data for ongoing business development.
  5. Overview of Features Display your product to buyers Do business

    with online appointments Interactive product presentation/ pitch • A platform for all kinds of travel suppliers – destinations, tour operators, hotels, retail, airlines, attractions, rail, and other tourism experiences – to do present products, build contacts, conduct matchmaking and collect extensive data • Cost-effective and highly scalable Watch video here Fully online tradeshow exhibition
  6. Map Exhibitor hub pages include: • Exhibitor overview • Contact

    details • Useful links • Downloadable materials Quick links to: • Exhibitor webinar presentations • Buyer meeting scheduling • Trade visitor check- in The platform is available in PC and WeChat MiniProgram – easy to be used on preferred device by buyers & visitors. Map Demo(visit by PC, no need to register): https://thenextravelmarket.com/sns/login/wechat?from=demo
  7. Map Demo Zoom up

  8. Exhibitor Displaying Page Step 1 Explore all the exhibitors stands

    on the map Step 2 Zoom in to see exhibitor logo, search & filter Step 3 Click into exhibitor hub page * Client names shown on this slide are only for demo. Exhibitor hub pages include: • Exhibitor overview • Contact details • Useful links • Downloadable materials Quick links to: • Exhibitor webinar presentations • Buyer meeting scheduling • Trade visitor check-in Watch User Flow Video
  9. Business tools: Seller product presentations - overview Live Presentation schedule

    Product presentation (webinar) Live interactive Q&A session • Every exhibitor could deliver a presentation to present their product through WeChat • PPT presentation with video streaming and voiceover – no special equipment required • Presentation linked to seller business page and promote to trade visitors & hosted buyers
  10. How does an exhibitor conduct an online chat Buyer can

    request an online chat by submitting on the booth (exhibitors are supposed to set up available time slots in exhibitor system first). Exhibitors can log in Kankan Talk chat room when the online meeting comes up. Buyer requests an online chat Chat room Exhibitors set up time slots in advance
  11. One-on-One Appointments Ongoing meetings panel One-on-one conversation panel – can

    also display PowerPoint presentation Video chat panel click to start powerpoint Appointment Chatroom: text, voice, doc/media exchange & video chats; present PPT 11 | WWW.DRAGONTRAIL.COM © 2020 • Scheduling system supports timed, back2back meetings • Queue for next meeting and enter without prompt for next meetings • User can conduct simultaneous meetings • All conversation data logged in user back-end • Exchange media & files, including contracts
  12. Business tools: Online appointments – detail (seller request) 2 +

    1 1. Seller backend displaying all buyers who have checked in at their booth; buyer name, company and buyer details all displayed clearly; 2. seller can invite buyer to generate request Buyer receives: WeChat automated push notification + SMS Once confirmed, buyer and seller enter appointment chat room as per Buyer Request scenario WeChat push notification SMS
  13. • 15-45 minutes of live or pre- recorded presentation on

    WeChat and live Q&A • PPT presentation and video playback supported • Recorded for future playback online How does an exhibitor conduct an online webinar
  14. Marketing --------Multimedia presentation – Video • Presenter can opt to

    present live, like a livestream through PC • Multiple presenters can be displayed during the session for joint webinars 14 | WWW.DRAGONTRAIL.COM © 2020
  15. Send chat invitation to buyers & trade visitors Download business

    cards Further exhibitor experience
  16. Chatting (Only for hosted buyers) Attend Online Presentations Check in

    File Download Buyers can have in-depth one-on- one meetings with exhibitors through WeChat-based chat rooms. Buyers are by invite only and entirely pre- qualified. Trade visitors can browse exhibitor information online or download documents. Trade visitors earn points by visiting and checking in at exhibitor spaces. The points can be redeemed for gifts or participation in lucky draws. Trade visitors can attend online presentations by exhibitors and industry experts. The Buyer & Trade Visitor Experience on COTTM online
  17. The Buyer & Trade Visitor Experience on COTTM Online Check

    in & Message board Download materials Watch live presentation
  18. Product presentations & industry thought leadership COTTM Online has hosted

    dozens of live presentations through WeChat from industry leaders
  19. Case study – COTTM Online 100% Online Tradeshow 19 |

    WWW.DRAGONTRAIL.COM © 2020 Results • 25 exhibitors • 400+ hosted buyers • Page View 8,000+ • +240 appointments completed • Exhibitor interactions: +3,000 Project: tradeshow connecting international sellers with Chinese buyers and trade visitors
  20. Dragon Trail Promotion Channel The platform conducts digital promotion via

    several trade channels. Promotion Channels Data Travel trade database 53,000+verified trade WeChat trade group 7,000+ WeChat Account 35,000+ SMS 53,000+verified trade
  21. COTTM Online Promotion Channels to Buyers/Trade Visitors COTTM Online Promotion

    Channels to buyers/trade visitors Promotional Channels Figures Chinese Travel trade database (EDM) 36,701+ International travel trade database 17500+ SMS 短信 10457+ Wechat trade Group 微信群 2398+ Wechat Account 微信公众号 10,635+ Weibo 新浪微博 2,064+ Travel Trade Media Partners 合作媒体 20+ COTTM Live Room 直播间 356+ Twitter account 462+ Facebook account 500+
  22. 100,000+ Trade Visitors / Multiple Promotion Channels (China) Cost effectively

    scale your reach into a community of more than 100,000 verified agents: • EDM & SMS to database • WeChat trade media content push: 45,000+ followers • WeChat Groups: 9,500 verified trade Database filtered in extensive dimensions: • Agent/ agency location and contact data • Company type/ specialization/ markets 22 | WWW.DRAGONTRAIL.COM © 2020 EDM circulation: 100,000 + WeChat media circulation: 45,000+
  23. Exhibitor Poster

  24. Trade Promotion Channels Media Release Media Center

  25. Trade Promotion Channels WeChat Trade Group WeChat Release

  26. Category Available Features Economy Package Standard Package Premium Package Stand

    Exhibitor stand Economy booth, online for 2 months. Logo & name on the plan once enlarged Standard booth, online for 2 months. Logo & name on the plan once enlarged Medium booth, online for 2 months, Logo & name on the plan once enlarged Number of exhibiting partners / / ≤ 5* Scheduled appointments with pre-qualified buyers / 2 days 2 days Webinar presentations / 1(20 minutes) 1 (60 minutes) Open exhibitor display page, database management tools, 1 set of diary Display only the list of buyers who have clicked the booth, signed in and downloaded information. ✔ ✔ Promotion COTTM Online website banner / ✔ ✔ Coverage in Sina Weibo ✔ ✔ ✔ Booth recommendation banner (map/buyer lounge) Map recommendation banner for 2 weeks Map recommendation banner for 2 weeks Map recommendation banner for 2 weeks Video promotion on COTTM Tik Tok official account Once Once Once Top news release on COTTM/Dragon Trail website Once Once 2 times Press release on WeChat B2B account (10,600+ Travel trade follows) Once Once Once Other exposure in COTTM Online/Dragon Trail press release / ✔ ✔ Package Price EUR 495 RMB 3,960 EUR 1,500 RMB 12,000 EUR 6,000 RMB 48,000 Stand Packages
  27. Additional services We offer a range of services to support

    and enhance your participation at COTTM Online • Unique icon on COTTM Online floor plan: EUR 2,500 /RMB 20,000 • Guaranteed buyer appointment package: EUR 2,500/ RMB 20,000 for 20 • WeChat webinar presentation: EUR 2,500/ RMB 20,000 • Chinese presenter service for webinar presentations speeches: EUR 600 / RMB 5,000 • Translation & interpretation services: English to Chinese translation; Subtitling, voiceover and interpretation services also available. EUR 19/RMB150 per minute • Marketing collaterals services: Chinese digital brochure, webinar presentation and other collateral development * • Customized domain for exhibitor booth. * Packages can be further tailored to your needs – contact us to discuss. * Quotation is based on requirements.
  28. Contact Us Jane Carter Sales Manager Email: jcarter@tarsus.co.uk Tel: +44

    (0) 7584 173190 Qinghui Qing(卿清晖) COTTM China Representative Email:qqing@tarsus.co.uk Tel:+86 (0)21 6439 5504 Sarah Hu (胡琎琎) Sales & Marketing Manager Email:shu@tarsus.co.uk Tel: +86 (0)21 6439 6310 May Cui(崔桂梅) Marketing Executive Email:mcui@tarsus.co.uk Tel:+86(21)6439 2043 COTTM Wechat ID:COTTM_China